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Yuefeng New Material Company aluminum strip sales record high level

May 15, 2023

Since the beginning of this year, Yuefeng New Materials Company has been focusing on the task objectives, focusing on the "three grasp and three promote" action, taking the work idea of "expanding the market to grab orders, internal optimization structure to increase benefits", adhering to the implementation of inventory reduction requirements, strengthening market research and judgment, improving shipping efficiency, refining marketing management, and striving to finish the sales task. Promote business performance through practical work. In April, the company's product sales hit a new record high, achieving product sales of 56,300 tons, the sales increased by 8.3% month-on-month and 72% year-on-year, the production and sales rate completed 120%, the sales plan rate completed 112%, exceeded the target assigned by the company, and refreshed the new record of the best product sales.


In the face of economic slowdown, shrinking customer orders, intensifying industry competition and other difficulties, the company adheres to the sales as the leading, internal and external interaction, multiple measures, accelerate product structure adjustment, actively carry out marketing work. On the one hand, the frequency of production and marketing is increasing, showing a good momentum of production and marketing. The sales department of the company insists on holding daily closing meetings to promote marketing work. The production department holds a weekly plan coordination meeting, in strict accordance with the general idea of setting production by sales and combining production and marketing, and must achieve 100% order delivery rate in the month. On the other hand, by establishing incentive mechanism, optimizing marketing team, perfecting sales network, deepening market expansion, promoting production by marketing at full capacity, focusing on sales and reducing inventory, sales exceeded 50,000 tons for two consecutive months, and inventory decreased by 16% month-on-month, effectively avoiding the risk of product price decline.


In the next step, the company will be based on the reality, jump up touch high, with the spirit of "fight", "rush", "real" drive, in the learning ability to improve efficiency, in the business objectives pressure responsibility, in the work to promote the implementation of the implementation, with practical action to continue to write a new chapter of high-quality development of the company.


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