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Yuefeng New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was selected as "2024 Jiangsu Smart Factory"

May 15, 2024
According to the "Jiangsu Province Accelerate Digital Transformation to Promote high-end Intelligent Green Development of Manufacturing Industry Action Plan (2023-2025)", "Jiangsu Province Manufacturing Strong Provincial Construction Leading Group Office on the issuance of 2024 Jiangsu Province Accelerate digital transformation to Promote high-end intelligent green development of Manufacturing Industry Notice", "Jiangsu Province Department of Industry and Information Technology Office Documents such as the Notice of the Office on the demonstration selection of the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry in 2024, and the review by the competent authorities, the new aluminum smart factory of Yuefeng New Material Technology Co., LTD., a subsidiary of Yuefeng Aluminum Industry, was rated as "Smart Factory in Jiangsu Province in 2024".
Yuefeng New Material Smart Factory focuses on improving the digitization level of in-plant logistics and off-plant supply chain management, realizing the complete digital supply chain management from product development to product delivery through multi-system platform data interconnection, and seamlessly connecting multiple collaborative systems such as ERP, MES, WMS, and e-Card. To achieve transparent material purchase, transparent production process, transparent product inspection, transparent equipment operation, transparent logistics delivery.
Yuefeng New Materials won the title of "Smart Factory in Jiangsu Province 2024", which is not only an affirmation of the company's technical strength, but also a high recognition of the company's adherence to the concept of innovation, green, wisdom and open development. In the future, the company will accelerate the drive for innovation, constantly stimulate the vitality of enterprise innovation, and inject new vitality and new momentum for the high-quality development of enterprises.
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