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Yuefeng Technology Aluminum Industry, in the transformation and upgrading to enjoy the automotive lightweight (market) sunshine

August 15, 2023
How to achieve high-quality development in transformation and upgrading? How to promote the basic upgrading of aluminum processing enterprises? Supply chain modernization?
On June 13, a group of technical experts from the aluminum processing Industry Alliance came to Yuefeng New Material Technology Co., LTD., the vice chairman of the industrial alliance, to visit and investigate, and was warmly received by the chairman of Yuefeng.
Lu Gong and the alliance expert group have visited the Yuefeng aluminum profile production workshop and enterprise exhibition hall in Guanghan City to understand Yuefeng's production scale, technical strength and product matrix, and had a discussion with the chairman of the board.
Yuefeng Chairman to Lu Gong line focused on the enterprise in recent years in the transformation and upgrading of the key grasp and the basic situation of the operation of the transition enterprises. He introduced that in recent years, Yuefeng began to actively explore the transformation and upgrading from traditional industrial materials to new industrial materials, and the proportion of industrial profile products continues to increase, and the output proportion has risen from about 15% of the original to 35-45%. In 2022, Yuefeng's aluminum profile output will be 144,000 tons, including 13,000 tons of automotive lightweight profiles, and the rest are photovoltaic profiles and energy storage equipment profiles. Among them, auto profiles are the representatives of Yuefeng industrial materials, with strong production capacity and excellent profile quality, Yuefeng has become an important supplier of "Top 500 car enterprises" and "new energy car making new forces" such as China Automobile Group, Volvo, BYD, Changan, NIO, Xiaopeng. Driven by the industrial materials sector, from January to May this year, enterprise production and operating profits have increased, and the overall situation is expected to be good in the second half of the year.
Lu Gong highly appreciated Yuefeng for seizing market opportunities and taking the initiative to transform and upgrade. He said that as China's top ten construction aluminum profile enterprises, China's top ten industrial profiles enterprises, Yuefeng is not satisfied with the advantages in the traditional market sector, but through forward-looking layout, large-scale investment in high-end equipment and deep technical transformation, and the concept of all employees to update, process technology quality training. Newly added 5500T, 4500T, 2750T, 2300T new extruder, precision temperature control aging furnace, precision cutting machine and other high-performance, high-precision equipment, as well as a large number of senior technical personnel, in the higher value-added industrial materials, especially in the field of new energy automotive profiles, has achieved greater market competitive advantages. Enjoying the brilliant sunshine of transformation to enterprises, this road of transformation is very worthy of our learning and reference. It is believed that with the continuous development and promotion of China's new energy automobile industry, the prospects for the high-quality development of Yuefeng Technology aluminum will be broader.
Yuefeng Aluminum was founded in 1993, through more than 30 years of production and operation, with a complete production line from casting, extrusion, surface treatment and deep processing, the largest extrusion machine 125MN, a variety of surface treatment methods are complete, has formed an annual comprehensive production capacity of 200,000 tons of aluminum profiles, is one of the most influential aluminum profile production enterprises in the province and even the west. At the same time, it is also the vice chairman unit of China Non-ferrous Metal Processing Industry Association, GB/T5237 "Aluminum Alloy building profiles" national standard development and innovation demonstration base, and won the third provincial government quality award, and the product has won the China non-ferrous metal physical Gold Cup Award and the honorary title of famous brand products.
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