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Yuefeng Technology (Liu 'an) Die casting production base project started

May 4, 2023
Anhui Yuefeng Precision Co LTD's new energy vehicle lightweight parts production project groundbreaking ceremony was held in Jin 'an Economic Development Zone on April 28.
It is reported that Anhui Yuefeng technology new energy vehicle lightweight parts production project by Yuefeng Science and Technology Co., LTD. Investment construction, project total investment of 1 billion yuan, a total area of about 100 mu, including the first phase investment of 500 million yuan, land about 70 mu. The investment in fixed assets shall be no less than 150 million yuan, and the second phase shall be 500 million yuan. It mainly produces three electric aluminum alloy parts for new energy vehicles and is scheduled to be put into production in 2024. After the completion of production, the annual output value is about 300 million yuan and the annual tax payment is no less than 30 million yuan.
The construction of Lu 'an Base marks the realization of the Group's three manufacturing bases in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, Yiyang, Hunan Province and Lu 'an, Anhui Province. In the future, the Group will actively fulfill its corporate responsibilities and strive for development.
In the next step, the company will carry out thorough construction deployment, set up a strong construction management team, select a capable construction team, and complete the construction task under the premise of ensuring safety.
In recent years, Yuefeng aluminium pays close attention to the "new track" of the development of new energy automobile industry, focusing on building a leading industrial cluster represented by new energy automobile parts. Project commencement is only the starting point, and efficiency in production is the key. Jin 'an District will spare no effort to ensure the service guarantee, resolve to do the work, do it immediately, and do it with ideas, so as to ensure the quick completion, quick operation and quick effect of the project.
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