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YUEFENG TECHNOLOGY new machining center and promote production

May 8, 2015

Recently, YUEFENG TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD new import three integrated machining center machine tool manufacturing aluminum alloy body, in order to meet the needs of growing production and processing. It is reported, the new machine installation and commissioning work were successfully completed, has been put into trial operation.


The new integrated processing center machine from the main operating system, control system, processing system components, advanced equipment with high efficiency comprehensive processing capacity. The operation device of the machine comprises a control panel and the two part mechanical operation panel, the operator can through man-machine interface, according to the production and processing need to adjust the process parameters, fast and accurate implementation of procedures, to complete the processing tasks. In addition, the new integrated machining center also has advanced the spindle rotation speed, processing function, for some special workpiece can achieve high precision machining.


Advanced technology and equipment is the foundation and development of industry of YUEFENG TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD advantage, it is reported that, in 2014 the YUEFENG TECHNOLOGY equipment upgrades, product development, market development and industrial extension and other aspects of development, enterprises continued to grow.


According to the YUEFENG TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD in 2014 earnings, the company in 2014 net profit growth of 23.62% to about US$45,000,000, aluminum extrusion product sales rose 19.8% to about 875000tons, the annual export volume group significantly increased from 38.13% to about 143000tons; especially in the light of energy saving and environmental protection and emission reduction, It’s meaning in the field of transportation environment model development and capacity building of YUEFENG TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD accelerating aluminum extrusion industry, to meet the rapid growth of home and abroad aluminum extrusion market is coming.

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