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Yuefeng Technology was selected as the 2023 Wuxi double chemical Collaborative demonstration Factory

August 25, 2023
On August 21, the Wuxi Economic and Information Technology Commission announced the results of the 2023 Wuxi dual chemical Collaborative Demonstration Factory, and Yuefeng Technology was successfully selected. It is reported that in this selection activity, the applicant enterprises need to be identified as Wuxi smart factory and green factory at the same time, and a total of ten enterprises in the city were selected.
Taking "5G+" as the starting point, Yuefeng Technology deepens the application of 5G, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, big data, industrial Internet, virtual reality and other new generation information technologies. On the basis of realizing full coverage of 5G network in the factory, Yuefeng Technology comprehensively upgrades the underlying intelligent equipment to achieve digital and lean control of the whole process of product production. Form an innovative demonstration smart factory for precision die-casting parts based on a new generation of information technology.
Yuefeng Technology is committed to the construction of green manufacturing system, pays attention to the investment in advanced energy saving and environmental protection technology, actively promotes the low-carbon, circular and intensive production of the plant, improves the efficiency of resource utilization, and is awarded the national green factory in 2020. In response to the national dual-carbon goal, the company has deployed in advance and formulated a "dual-carbon" promotion plan, from photovoltaic power generation, green electricity purchase, aluminum water direct delivery, equipment energy conservation and other aspects of energy conservation and emission reduction.
In the future, Yuefeng Technology will continue to build "intelligent, digital and green" lean factories, and jointly promote the coordinated development of intelligent and green manufacturing enterprises.
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