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Yuefeng Technology won the "Chongqing Enterprise Innovation Award"

September 12, 2023
On August 31, Chongqing Municipal People's Government issued the "Decision on Recognizing Chongqing Enterprise Innovation Award", and Yuefeng Technology was successfully selected.
Yuefeng Technology is deeply rooted in the two pillar industries of 5G communication and new energy vehicles, adheres to technological innovation, can provide customers with one-stop solutions for technology pre-research, sample development, product design, process development and verification, and carries out strategic cooperation with a number of domestic first-class universities and research institutes, and maintains competitive advantages in the industry in terms of new materials, lightweight, and new process application. Has been awarded the national high-tech enterprise, Chongqing Enterprise Technology Center, Chongqing Industrial Design Center and other honors.
In the future, Yuefeng Technology will continue to increase investment in research and development, accelerate transformation and upgrading, and promote the large-scale, integrated and lightweight of new energy auto parts as a breakthrough, becoming the explorer and leader of a new round of automotive industrial revolution, promoting the prosperity of China's intelligent manufacturing, automotive industry and die casting industry, and going to the world!
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