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2023 China aluminum profile Entrepreneurs Summit Forum was held in Foshan

August 29, 2023
On the afternoon of August 25, the 2023 China Aluminum Profile Entrepreneurs Summit Forum was held in Foshan, Guangdong Province, and the main persons in charge of 18 key aluminum profile companies attended. Fan Shunke, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association and chairman of China Nonferrous Metals Processing Industry Association, presided over the summit forum.
The Forum pointed out that in recent years, there have been new situations and new changes in China's aluminum extrusion industry. Internationally, the century-old changes are accelerating. The growth momentum of the world economy is weakening, the recovery is weak, uncertainties and unpredictable factors are increasing, trade frictions are frequent, and opportunities and challenges are unprecedented. From the domestic point of view, the current economic recovery is a wave-like development, zigzagging forward process, at the same time, residents' income is limited, consumption pressure is large, especially the real estate risk is increasing. From the industry point of view, in 2022, the total output of aluminum extrusion materials showed negative growth for the first time, and the segmentation of industry divisions continued to intensify, especially the production of building profiles declined sharply; In addition, scientific and technological self-reliance is still insufficient, the development of application scenarios still needs to be strengthened, green and low-carbon requirements continue to increase, and vicious competition in the industry is intensifying. In the face of the new situation and new challenges, in order to promote the high-quality development of the aluminum profile industry, this summit forum is convened.
The participating entrepreneurs held a discussion on the basis of listening to the three reports of "Status Quo and high-quality development Suggestions of China's aluminum extrusion Industry" by Jin Haiming, Secretary-General of China Nonferrous Metal Processing Industry Association, Xiong Hui, chief expert of Beijing Antaike Information Co., LTD., and Wang Weihan of CoFCO Futures, "electrolytic aluminum Market Analysis and Forecast" and "Application of OTC derivatives in Risk Management of aluminum processing enterprises" The exchange focused on the situation and challenges facing the industry, and reached a four-point consensus on how to promote high-quality development:
First, adhere to scientific and technological self-reliance
First, make up for weaknesses. In the field of aviation aluminum, precision profiles and other fields, our product quality and stability and consistency, production efficiency and so on still have room to improve, to focus on the weak points and shortcomings of the whole industry chain and the whole life cycle from aluminum alloy melting and casting to aluminum extrusion, surface treatment and grade protection recycling, aiming at import substitution, focus on catching up, in the field of existing production technology, Achieve comprehensive parallel with developed countries.
Second, we will strengthen independent innovation. Focus on strengthening the original innovation of alloy grades, heat treatment processes, etc., to improve the competitiveness of materials; Focus on strengthening mold, extrusion, surface treatment and equipment technology innovation, improve production efficiency and product quality; Focus on strengthening application innovation, and constantly enrich the application scenarios of aluminum extrusion materials.
Third, we must pursue green and intelligent development. Continue to improve environmental protection, solid comprehensive utilization of resources, promote the integration of recycled aluminum and aluminum processing, and constantly improve the green and low-carbon level. Intelligent manufacturing is the best way to reduce production costs, improve product quality and stability and consistency, and gradually move from automation to digitalization and intelligence.
Second, actively respond to trade frictions and strive to promote a high level of exports
Aluminum extrusion is the most internationally competitive advantageous varieties of aluminum in China, but in recent years, affected by trade frictions, the export volume has always been hovering around 1 million tons, accounting for only about 5% of the total output. Therefore, first, we must attach great importance to product exports, strive to open up the international market, and strive for two years to increase annual exports to about 1.5 million tons. Second, we should actively respond to trade friction cases, give full play to the role of the four-way mechanism of government, industry associations, enterprises and foreign users, and respond to every case. Third, we must focus on market segments and take differentiated and distinctive export roads. Fourth, to extend to deep processing, from the export of aluminum to the export of aluminum products. Fifth, it is necessary to strengthen the integration and development of recycled aluminum and aluminum extrusion, promote the use of green electric aluminum, and transform the export of green low-carbon aluminum. Sixth, to "go out", qualified enterprises to build factories overseas.
Third, expand domestic consumption
First, we must focus on the people's needs for a better life. Give full play to the characteristics of aluminum light weight, rich surface treatment color, environmental protection and easy recycling, strengthen product development, strengthen publicity and promotion, and strive to be the creator and leader of aluminum extrusion material consumption.
Second, we should focus on emerging industrial consumption and deep processing. Strengthen downstream cooperation with solar photovoltaic, new energy vehicles, batteries and energy storage, building structure and decoration, aerospace, offshore shipbuilding, etc. Strengthen the extension of the industrial chain, adhere to the development of deep processing, and strive to expand the application of aluminum extrusion materials.
Fourth, strengthen industry self-discipline
First, we need to make prudent investment and strengthen production capacity cooperation. In principle, we do not recommend any new production capacity, except for equipment upgrading and capacity filling. Second, we should improve the brand value, take the differentiated and distinctive development path, and resolutely oppose the vicious price competition below the cost; Third, strictly guard against capital, safety, environmental protection and other business risks, especially strengthen customer classification management and accounts receivable management; Fourth, strictly adhere to the quality bottom line, attach great importance to the impact of powder coating, heat insulation strip and other accessories and molds on product quality; Fifth, we should establish a sense of community of common destiny, strengthen exchanges and cooperation, and jointly cope with industry challenges.
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