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Home - News - Qinghai Yuefeng Aluminum Power Company was successfully selected into the list of "Green design products" and "green supply industry chain Management enterprises" in Qinghai Province

Qinghai Yuefeng Aluminum Power Company was successfully selected into the list of "Green design products" and "green supply industry chain Management enterprises" in Qinghai Province

August 29, 2023
Recently, the Qinghai Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology announced the 2023 annual green manufacturing list, Qinghai Yuefeng Aluminum Power Company successfully selected the "green design products" and "green supply industry chain management enterprises" list. This is after Yuefeng aluminum power won the national "green factory", in the in-depth implementation of green manufacturing once again won two awards.
Long chain strong chain, give play to the advantages of green manufacturing industry
Yuefeng Aluminum Power Company insists on improving the enterprise's green development awareness and green production capacity as the core, give full play to the industrial chain advantages of "carbon prebaked anode - electrolytic aluminum - aluminum alloy products", through JYKJ management system, with the goal of electrolytic aluminum production, processing, recycling and low-carbon environmental protection, clean production, and constantly innovate electrolytic aluminum production technology to complete the on-site conversion of electrolytic aluminum liquid. Reduce the cost of aluminum ingot production, casting loss, remelting energy consumption and other costs, increase economic benefits.
Yuefeng Aluminum Power Company strengthens supply chain management, conducts green partner certification for suppliers, runs green procurement through the whole process of raw materials, products and services procurement, and requires suppliers to integrate into the green and low-carbon development trend, supply raw materials with low energy consumption, low material consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, and reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution during transportation. Promote suppliers to continuously raise the awareness of green and low-carbon development, and jointly build a green supply chain.
Lean management, create green design quality products
According to the evaluation requirements of the indicators of the Technical Specification for the Evaluation of Green Design Products (T/CNIA 0075-2021), the index values and related data of the electrolytic aluminum "AL99.70" product of Yuefeng Aluminum Power Company have reached the green product standards. Yuefeng Aluminum Power Company to build a high-quality "cost center" as the goal, fully apply the key indicators of the total factor quantitative lean management means, clear the annual energy consumption target, focus on management and technology to promote the power saving work, the implementation of gold (silver) brand district chief incentive mechanism, integration and adjustment of the work area, team functions, Sort out and organize the implementation of key power-saving projects such as new electrolytic cells and anode slotting, improve the level of electrolytic cell process control, continue to use the peaking and flat electricity price policy, and comprehensively reduce the cost of electricity during peak hours.
Scientific and technological innovation has injected strong impetus into green development
Over the years, Yuefeng Aluminum Power Company has been committed to the production and research and development of electrolytic aluminum, and constantly explore more energy-saving production technology, and the energy consumption of products has reached the advanced level of the industry. While stabilizing the electrolytic aluminum industry, we have actively introduced green design concepts, committed to new product development and industrial chain extension, and independently developed 8011 aluminum alloy casting and rolling billet for PTP drug foil, large-scale 5083 alloy flat ingot for tank car materials, 1A25 aluminum alloy flat ingot production process for CTP printing plate, and other achievements have won the Qinghai Province Science and Technology Achievement Award. The typical experience of "Application of key indicators full factor quantitative lean management in electrolytic aluminum production" has won the quality benchmark of Qinghai Province, obtained 26 utility model patents, and won the high-tech enterprise certificate of Qinghai Province in 2020.
Energy saving and environmental protection, polishing green development bright background color
Yuefeng Aluminum Power company will integrate the concept of sustainable development into the whole life cycle of products, complete the process of transformation from concept cognition to action, and develop more ecological, more economical and sustainable products. Yuefeng Aluminum electric Company has more advanced production equipment, the main production system meets the requirements of low energy consumption, the use of galvanized steel packaging belt, easy to unseal and recycle, reduce the production of solid waste, in the carbon anode production, by the main raw material solid asphalt into liquid asphalt, reduce the asphalt melting energy, while greatly reducing the harmful substances produced in the asphalt melting process. Qiaotou Aluminum Electric Company has no major safety and environmental pollution accidents for three consecutive years, pollutants are discharged according to the standards, and resource consumption and energy consumption reach the advanced level of the same industry.
The selection of provincial "green supply chain" and "green product design" is a vivid practice of Yuefeng Aluminum Electric Company to practice green, low-carbon and high-quality development. In the future, Yuefeng Aluminum Power Company will focus on the national "double carbon" strategy and green high-quality development goals, play the leading role of national "green factory" demonstration, increase the proportion of clean energy use, and comprehensively promote the construction and application of new energy systems by implementing measures such as improving quality and efficiency, reducing costs and deepening system application, forming a strong internal driving force for management and technology to benefit. Sing the melody of green development, plant the foundation of green development, polish the background color of green development, and create a domestic first-class green low-carbon electrolytic aluminum enterprise.
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