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Yuefeng Aluminum Special Material completed the first acceptance of Xiamen Line 4 and Tianjin Line 8 projects

August 29, 2023
On August 23-24, the first inspection work of Xiamen Rail Transit Line 4 and Tianjin Rail Transit Line 8 was held at the production site of Yuefeng Aluminum special Materials. CRRC Changchun Railway Bus Co., Ltd. quality, process, design expert group on the quality of the first delivery of the two projects were accepted, which is the first time that Yuefeng aluminum special materials at the same time for the first acceptance of two projects.
In June this year, Yuefeng Aluminum Special Materials reached two project development agreements in Xiamen and Tianjin with CRRC Changchun Railway Bus Co., LTD., involving dozens of extrusion sections. As a key material group of car body aluminum profiles, CRRC Changpassenger expert group conducted a detailed review of the first inspection conditions, project development process, production and manufacturing process, project quality verification, product physical identification and other points in the development process. After 2 days of on-site audit, 2 project development materials and products meet the project development acceptance conditions, and achieve "no open items" through the expert group acceptance.
It is understood that, as a domestic and foreign rail transit aluminum extrusion profiles and components material application solutions provider and solution, Yuefeng aluminum special materials in aluminum alloy material research and development, lightweight program design, wide thin wall structure application has a wealth of field experience and technical reserves. In the past 10 years, Yuefeng Aluminum special material with "high dimensional consistency, high extruded surface quality, high performance stability" aluminum alloy product characteristics, has been unanimously recognized by domestic and foreign locomotive manufacturers, Yuefeng aluminum special material delivered rail transit profiles and large parts in nearly 40 rail transit lines at home and abroad.

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