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ALUMINUM PICKUP / TRUCK TRAY BODY From Yuefeng Aluminium Precision Manufacturing

August 25, 2019

Jiangyin YueFeng Aluminium Co.,Ltd is a China's First One-stop aluminium Pickup/ Truck manufacturer, ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 certified. As a fully owned subsidiary of China YueFeng Corporation Limitied, we were established in 1998 with an area of 594,000 square feet, and a workforce of 800 employees, 50 of them are QA/QC staff, they are positioned at each and every process to ensure quality conforms to your specific requirements. We are proud of our zero complaint of our aluminium tray body.


And we are highly equipped with one-stop facilities for tray body manufacturing: tool design & production, aluminium extrusion, machining, anodizing, and assembling. We have 13 units extruders(550-12500T), 5 units aging machine, more than 200 unitss CNC machine, and one automatic assembly line. Our annual capacity can reach 20000 sets tray body.


We produce 1m to 5m lengths tray body including ATV / UTV tray body, buggy / Golf car tray body, Pickup tray body, truck tray body and many other customized tray bodies. They have been exported to Australia, UK and Thailand in the past 10years.


Light weight is the pursuit and development trend of global automotive industry. Every 10% reduction of vehicle tare weight will contribute to 6%~8% reduction of fuel consumption and 5%~6% reduction of emision. Take our 10.6 feet aluminium truck tray with tare weight of 202kg for instance, compared with traditional steel truck body, our aluminium truck body has the following advantages:

  • Anti-Rattle features
  • Stylish and easy assembly and maintenance
  • 45% ~ 50% weight reduction
  • 5 ~ 10 years service life increase
  • Saving 6000 - liter fuel consumption
  • 15 - ton carbon dioxide emission reduction
  • 100% recyclable
  • Opreational cost saving USD 3000 per year (based on 100,000km mileage per year)

Our professional team brings you the knowledge and experience you need to save money and maximize the payload and versatility of your work truck. Our mature processing technique, customized service and high quality have gained us good reputation in this field.

Looking forward to cooperating with you as partner.Give us a call at +86 18662963676, email us at sales@profiles-aluminum.com to find out how YueFeng Aluminium can help with your aluminum profile/ aluminium solutions design.