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Introduction to aluminum formwork system

August 24, 2019

Introduction to aluminum formwork system

As a new formwork system, aluminum alloy formwork system has been used for nearly 50 years since it was born in the United States in 1962.In the United States, Canada and other developed countries, as well as such as Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, South Korea, India and other emerging industrial countries in the building, have been widely used.


Yuefeng aluminum alloy building formwork system is made of the whole extruded aluminum profile, is a new generation of green construction technology, the system is mainly composed of template system, support system, fastening system, accessories system, can be widely used in all fields of reinforced concrete construction structure. The whole system is highly standardized, light weight, strong carrying capacity, high accuracy, easy to disassemble, large board surface, small stitching, good stability, long template service life, turnover, recycling, good economic benefits, high recovery value, construction site safety and clean. Construction process without the assistance of mechanical equipment, construction cycle is short, no construction construction waste and noise pollution, concrete pouring after the completion of the surface smooth, in line with the national low-carbon emission reduction and other advantages, products sold in Europe and the United States and other developed countries.

Characteristics of Aluminum formwork System

The circular pin and wedge pin of Yuefeng aluminium alloy formwork system are connected in series with steel wires. It is easy to install and disassemble, easy to manage and reduce losses.

The aluminium alloy template material is 6061-T6, the hardness of the standard plate is more than 13 degrees, the hardness is high and the strength is good.

Formwork isolation layer: Yuefeng aluminium formwork is coated with a special isolation film on the formwork layer. After high temperature air drying treatment, it is tightly attached to the formwork surface to prevent the corrosion of weak acid and strong alkalinity of concrete on the aluminium alloy formwork surface. Aluminum formwork and concrete are effectively separated within half a year, concrete and aluminium formwork are protected, and service life is increased.

Drawing sheet: According to the width of the shear wall of the project, the width of the shear wall will not be changed because of the factors of the operator.

Four advantages of aluminum formwork

1. Energy-efficient

Yuefeng aluminum alloy formwork system has a high stiffness and strong load-bearing capacity, which makes the building structure quality more stable. The accuracy of construction dimensions and the passing rate of concrete molding are above the national standard. Innovative formwork design greatly simplifies the difficulty of construction. The assembly and removal of formwork and components is simple and fast, which improves the construction efficiency and reduces the labor cost.

Yuefeng aluminum alloy formwork system turnover of up to 200 times, compared with the traditional wood template system, the use of aluminum alloy formwork system and turnover 100 times of the building as an example, can reduce the amount of work and save 16 yuan / square meters of cost. And significantly reduced the use of river sand, wood, cement and other building materials and the generation of construction waste, played an unprecedented role in energy conservation and emission reduction.

2. Broad prospects

Yuefeng aluminum alloy formwork system because of its overall molding effect is significant, and make the overall building structure more stable, has replaced the steel formwork and wood formwork widely used in various construction, broad prospects.

3. Economic benefits

Yuefeng aluminium alloy formwork system greatly simplifies the construction difficulty, improves the construction efficiency and reduces the labor cost. Moreover, the system has high qualified rate of concrete forming and remarkable construction effect, thus reducing the thickness of decorative plastering layer. Compared with the traditional building formwork system, it has significant economic benefits.

4. Social Benefits

The application of Yuefeng aluminium alloy formwork system and construction technology can better promote the industrialization process of construction engineering and save resources. Effectively alleviate the general lack of skilled workers in society.

Nine Advantages of Aluminum Formwork

1. Short construction period

The aluminium alloy building formwork system is a rapid demolition system. The wall-column formwork can be demolished 24 hours after pouring concrete, the beam-side formwork can be demolished 36 hours after pouring concrete, the beam-bottom and plate-bottom formwork (non-load-bearing) can be demolished 48 hours after pouring concrete, the plate-bottom bearing pillar can be demolished 12 days after pouring concrete, the bottom-bearing pillar can be demolished 14 days after pouring concrete, and the cantilever pillar can be demo The normal construction of a set of aluminium alloy formwork can reach three or four days and one floor, which greatly saves the management cost of contractors.

2. More reuse times and lower average cost

Aluminum alloy building formwork system uses aluminium alloy profiles formed by integral extrusion as raw materials (6063-T6 and 6061-T6), which are processed into aluminium alloy formwork of various sizes and specifications required by the project. A set of aluminium alloy formwork specifications can be recycled for about 200-400 times, and the average cost of use is low.

3. Convenient and efficient construction

Aluminum alloy building formwork system is simple and convenient to assemble, with an average weight of 25 KG/. It is completely assembled by manual. It does not need any assistance of mechanical equipment (workers usually need only a small hook and hammer for construction, which is convenient and fast). Skilled installation workers can install 20-30 square meters per person per day (compared with wood formwork, aluminum). Mould installation workers only need 70% to 80% of the wood mould installation workers, and do not need skilled workers, just simple training for the construction workers before installation.

4. Good stability and high bearing capacity

All parts of the aluminum alloy building formwork system are assembled with aluminum alloy formwork. After the system is assembled, a whole frame is formed, which has good stability. The bearing capacity can reach 30KN per square metre when the load-bearing pillars are reasonably arranged.

5. Wide application and high recovery value

Aluminum alloy building formwork is suitable for wall, column, beam, horizontal floor, staircase, windowsill, floating platform board and other locations. When aluminium alloy building formwork is scrapped, when waste disposal residual value is high, the advantage of cost sharing is obvious.

6. Surface Effect of Mixed Soil after Mould Removal

After pouring concrete into aluminium alloy building formwork, the surface quality of the concrete after removing the formwork is smooth and smooth, which can basically meet the requirements of decoration and fair-faced concrete, without batching, and can save the cost of batching.

7. On-site convenient management

All parts of the aluminum alloy building formwork system can be reused. After the construction, installation and demolition of the aluminum alloy formwork are completed, there is no garbage on site, and the construction environment is safe, clean and tidy.

8. Standard, versatility, low carbon emission reduction

Aluminum alloy building formwork has many sizes and specifications. Different sizes of formwork can be assembled according to the project. When used formwork is applied to new construction projects, only about 20% of non-standard sizes of formwork need to be replaced, which effectively reduces the cost. Aluminum alloy building formwork system all materials are renewable materials, in line with the national energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon, emission reduction requirements for construction projects. Many developed countries have stipulated that construction projects are no longer allowed to use wooden formwork construction, the use of renewable materials formwork.

9. Convenient support system

In the traditional wood formwork construction method, the floor and platform construction technology usually uses full support, which is labor-intensive and material-intensive, and has no operating space.

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