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Aluminum profile surface abrasion defect

July 24, 2023
Characteristic reflection:
The surface of the aluminum profile is flaky with black white teeth or rough pockmarked surface.
Cause: human and equipment and mold visual cause.
(a) : double hole (porous) more than the mold extrusion profile, due to the uneven speed of the die hole, the length of the profile is not uniform, the exit of the profile is bruised with each other at this high temperature, resulting in a certain width of flake black white rough hemp surface, the oxidized profile scratch surface is dark, which is the waste product in extrusion.
(2) : mold use time is too long, mold empty knife, support pad, special pad and other outlet sticky a lot of aluminum metal, profile flow diameter mold empty knife, support pad, special pad, so that the profile scratches. This is rarely the case.
(3) : The profiles on the cold bed, sometimes uneven on the shelf, or check the profiles, one of them, so that it friction with each other, resulting in the profile sheet tooth scratches (room temperature), especially the profile plane is wider (generous pipe, semi-pass material, gusset plate, etc.) or curved arc profile caused by surface scratches are more likely!
(4) : sawing the finished saw table, storage rack, framed profiles, crowded arrangement, lifting and pumping one of them, it is easy to cause scratches between each other, if there are edges and corners, it will cause the scribbing of profiles.
(5) : Each operation process is not timely treatment of aluminum chips generated (stuck), which is also the main reason for chafing.
(6) : The shaking flutter in the transportation process is too large, and the lining is fixed badly
Elimination method:
(1) : If the extrusion mold of the profile is uneven in speed and length, try to use the repair mold adjustment. The length of profiles with more than 3 holes is not uniform, and the graphite plate (high temperature felt) is separated to prevent the porous profiles from rubbing against each other, causing scratches.
(2) : Before the mold assembly, it is necessary to check whether the empty tool, the supporting pad hole, and the special pad hole can meet the size requirements of the profile discharge, whether the white aluminum is pasted, and it should be removed as soon as possible. To prevent the mold pad from sticking to aluminum, some graphite oil can be applied when the pad temperature reaches about 150 degrees.
(3) : The stretched profile must be carried out one by one, and the sawn profile cannot be stacked with two layers or more.
(4) : The profiles on the cold bed, feed table, sawing table and other platforms should not be piled up too full, the profiles should keep a distance from each other, and the rear staff should operate early to prevent the mutual friction and collision between the profiles.
(5) : sawing, framing, packaging and other processes should blow the aluminum chips generated each time (root, branch) before they can be operated again.
(6) : firmly bandaged during transportation to avoid the movement of profiles. The surface with high requirements should be separated by plastic (foam) paper branches. Start turning slowly, driving smoothly, pay attention to the emergency brake!
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