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The cause of striation of industrial aluminum profiles

July 24, 2023
Industrial aluminum profile is a kind of aluminum as the main component of the alloy material, aluminum rod through hot melt, extrusion to get different cross-section of aluminum material, but the proportion of the added alloy is different, the production of industrial aluminum profile mechanical properties and application fields are also different. When we produce industrial aluminum profiles, sometimes we encounter the problem of stripes, so how is the stripe problem of industrial aluminum profiles produced?
The cause of industrial aluminum profile stripes:
1, because the cooling capacity of the machine is not enough, resulting in black spots after anodizing.
2. The "branches" and threaded holes on the inside of the aluminum profile cause surface streaks due to insufficient or excessive metal flow.
3, the texture of the casting billet itself is not good, affecting the stripe color difference after anodizing the extruded material.
4, mold distribution bridge under the welding area caused by the profile surface stripes.

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