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The causes of bubbles in aluminum alloy profiles

July 24, 2023
Industrial aluminum alloy profile is a common consumable in automated production, because of its excellent physical properties, widely used in industrial automation, has become a custom equipment frame bracket, security fence material, but in practical applications, people found that industrial aluminum alloy profile produced bubbles, then industrial aluminum alloy profile produced bubbles causes and measures? Let's take a look at it.
The causes of bubbles in aluminum alloy profiles:
1. The filling of metal liquid in the injection chamber is too low, generally controlled at about 45% to 70%, easy to produce enrolling gas, and the initial injection speed is too high.
2, the mold in the pouring system is unreasonable or poor exhaust.
3, the melting temperature is too high, so that its gas content is relatively high, the molten liquid is not degassed.
4, the temperature of the mold is too high, the time of leaving the mold is not up to standard, the time of metal solidification is not enough, the strength of aluminum alloy profiles is not enough, and the premature opening of the mold allows the pressure of the gas to expand.
5. The amount of release agent and injection head oil is too much.
6. The blowing time after spraying is not long enough, and the surface water of the mold is not blown dry.
Aluminum bubble prevention measures:
1, the adjustment of the die-casting process parameters, injection speed and high pressure injection speed switching point.
2, modify the mold runner, add the overflow groove and exhaust groove.
3, the aluminum profile reduces the mold temperature of the defect area, thereby reducing the pressure effect of the gas.
4, adjust the melting process.
5, extend the mold time, adjust the blowing time after spraying.
6, adjust the release agent, injection oil dosage.
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