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Aluminum profiles for refrigerated containers

Good quality Aluminium Profiles for sales
Good quality Aluminium Profiles for sales
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We have been using YueFeng Aluminium as a supplier for a number of years, however since the new management team took over responsibility about four years ago they have become not only a supplier they have become a strategic partner supplying not only parts to our business but also solutions and advances in extruded Aluminium components.

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YueFeng continue to provide excellent manufactured products and offer services aligned perfectly to our requirements. They are able to dovetail into our fluid sales requirements whilst consistently delivering to schedule.

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Your products are very popular in our market.

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Good Quality, Best Service supplier that we met until now.

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Aluminum profiles for refrigerated containers
Aluminum profiles for refrigerated containers

Abstract: refrigerated containers are made of steel structure and aluminum alloy. Among them, the application of container aluminum, the first in the 1960s, the United States Fruehauf, Trailmobile and other companies took the lead in the use of steel frame, the plate above the container is composed of extruded aluminum.

As a big container manufacturer in the world,

Over the years, goods have been transported to all parts of the world in all kinds of containers.

The container has the characteristics of high strength, large volume, stackable and so on.

In today's global trade,

More than 80% of the total cargo value is transported in containers.

Containers have become the largest number of transport carriers in the world.

China's container manufacturing industry started in the 1970s. With the rapid development of international container transportation and the substantial increase in the proportion of containers, many goods transported by ordinary refrigerated ships now use refrigerated containers or tank containers. Roads and railways are also developing towards containerization. In the product structure of containers, in addition to the traditional standard dry cargo containers, the proportion of special containers such as refrigerated containers, tank containers and regional containers has increased sharply.

Application of Aluminum Alloy material in refrigerated Container. Among them, 6061 and 6082 alloys are the most widely used.

Refrigerated container (Reefer Container), also known as freezer, freezer or refrigerator, is specially designed for frozen goods or low-temperature goods (such as fish and shrimp, meat, fresh fruits, vegetables and some medicines) that require a certain temperature in transportation. Refrigerated containers are made of steel structure, aluminum alloy and other materials. Among them, the application of container aluminum, the first in the 1960s, the United States Fruehauf, Trailmobile and other companies took the lead in the use of steel frame, the plate above the container is composed of extruded aluminum.

Because aluminum alloy is light in weight and corrosion resistant, it can maintain good performance at low temperature, does not have chemical reaction with oil, natural gas and other chemical liquids, and is easy to surface treatment. and with the continuous deepening of human understanding of the performance characteristics of aluminum, such as lightweight, corrosion resistance, easy formability, low temperature performance stability, and the continuous improvement of aluminum processing and welding technology, As a result, extruded aluminum profiles can be used for many container parts with complex cross-sections to simplify the manufacturing process and reduce the cost of processing and maintenance. Therefore, in many application fields of containers, aluminum profiles and aluminum sheets have become the mainstream materials in their production, and are more and more widely recognized by their related industries.

Aluminum profiles for containers are mainly 6061, 6082, 6351, 6005, 6063 and 6060 alloys, of which 6061 and 6082 alloys are the most used, accounting for more than 90% of the use. the products have high strength and good weldability. Mainly used for box floor, connector, threshold, forklift guide, ground support beam, top support beam, side aluminum plate upper and lower fixed cross beam, box corner connector, exterior decoration parts, cold air door, box door frame and box door hinge and so on.

Maersk (Maersk Line). Is the largest container shipping company in the world. It accounts for about 17% of the world container shipping market. Its aluminum profiles for refrigerated containers were used as early as 20 years ago. It is provided by Yuefeng Aluminum Industry in Jiangsu Province, China. Yuefeng Aluminum is a Danish Maersk Group. And Shanghai CIMC refrigerated Container profile supplier.

Yuefeng Aluminum Industry has been engaged in the research and development of refrigerated container aluminum profiles since the beginning of 1988, which is the first time that Yuefeng Aluminum has changed its technical field from the construction category to the industrial category, trying to expand and transform from the production of building profiles to industrial profiles. At that time, China did not have cold plate industrial material, that is, the production of high-performance aluminum sheet for refrigerated containers, so it all relied on imports from South Korea. In a blank area of container high-performance aluminum alloy profiles in our country, it is really difficult to research and develop this product.

When selecting materials, the Yuefeng aluminum technical team started from 6061 to 6082 aluminum alloy T6 state profiles to trial-produce for the Shanghai Company of CIMC, the largest refrigerated container company in China, and finally overcome all kinds of key technical problems through working overtime all night. Break the situation that the manufacturing technology of high-performance aluminum profiles of refrigerated containers in China has been almost monopolized by foreign countries for a long time.

With the continuous expansion of the scope of downstream application of containers, the demand for containers in our market will continue to grow, coupled with the new and replacement demand of foreign containers, the development prospect of China's container industry is broad.

China is the concentrated place of container manufacturing in the world. with the continuous improvement of the containerization degree of the international logistics industry, China's container aluminum profile manufacturing industry, which leads the development trend of container aluminum profiles in the world, higher technological content of aluminum refrigerated containers and special containers has become an important development direction of the industry.

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