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Yuefeng aluminum: double drive of prevention and control production, full recovery of order production at home and abroad

March 10, 2020

With the sunshine and spring breeze, the factory area of Jiangsu Yuefeng New Metal material Co., Ltd., which has steadily resumed production, has added vitality.

"at present, the staff attendance rate of the company has reached more than 95%, and order production at home and abroad has resumed in an all-round way." Liu Lin, deputy general manager of Jiangsu Yuefeng Aluminum, said that during the special period of epidemic prevention and control, as the first listed company in the country specializing in the research and manufacture of lightweight aluminum alloy cars, Jiangsu Yuefeng Aluminum spared no effort in preventing and controlling the epidemic and resuming work and production. Two-wheel drive focused on one thing: the deep processing of aluminum alloy and aluminum alloy.

Break it up into parts and make epidemic prevention and control more accurate.

On March 4, electric forklifts carrying finished and semi-finished functional intermediate alloys shuttled back and forth in the factory area, and the "COVID-19 's responsibility for epidemic Prevention work" billboard hanging on the walls of various workshops and office areas attracted the attention of reporters.

For us, the main difficulty in promoting the resumption of work and production is to ensure the safety of nearly 900 employees in the plant. " Liu Lin said that the company set up an epidemic prevention management and control leading group early on January 26, with 14 team members in charge of 14 areas of the plant, decomposing and implementing the responsibilities of epidemic prevention in each group, breaking up the whole plant into parts, and ensuring the safety of employees returning to work. At the same time, it is clearly required that employees who do not meet the conditions for return to work are not allowed to return to work, so that the epidemic prevention and control is more accurate and there are no dead ends.

Under the guidance of the leading group of epidemic prevention and control, the measures of full coverage of epidemic prevention and control are implemented in all aspects of the company after returning to work, including supervising employees to do a good job of personal protection on their way to work, purchasing and distributing epidemic prevention materials for employees, defining the management process of employees entering and leaving the factory, and so on.

"employees must first check and register their temperature when they wear masks, then disinfect the soles of their shoes with disinfectant blankets and disinfect their hands with alcohol, and then go through the whole process before they can enter the factory area." Liu Lin said that the company has specially set up a simple testing station outside the gate, which is manned by special personnel to ensure that all employees who return to work will complete the process of entering the factory as required. At the same time, foreign workers and vehicles are prohibited from entering the factory area. For freight drivers and trucks who must enter the factory, drivers are required to take temperature measurements and register, replace a new mask, and fully disinfect the body, wheels, seats and other parts of the vehicle.

In the staff accommodation management, the company implements sub-departments, different periods of time to eat at the wrong peak, according to the forward Z-shaped arrangement, each person has a table. The conference room will be changed into temporary staff dormitory, the accommodation standard will reach 9 square meters per person, and the floor, bed handrails, door handles, switches and other dormitory public facilities will be disinfected six times a day.

Excelsior, high quality of resuming work and production.

Read the data, register the basic information, print out the library certificate. In the finished product warehouse, the staff said that the bulk finished products delivered by the forklift truck would complete the last process before packaging and delivery, and the products would be sent to Norway in the near future.

As a functional master alloy manufacturer with domestic scale and export volume, Yuefeng aluminum has more than 140 kinds of functional master alloy products, and the international market accounts for about 30% of the product sales share.

"during the Spring Festival, foreign markets are less affected by the epidemic, so while we do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, we allow some personnel to work in shifts to ensure the production of export orders." Liu Lin said that so far, the company has exported about 1600 tons of products to the international market. Since the formal resumption of work on February 10, the company's production capacity has gradually recovered, and domestic orders have also increased one after another.

In addition to ensuring quality and quantity to complete the order production, the resumption of work at the technical level is also followed up in an orderly manner. In the comprehensive testing hall, the inspectors are testing the quality of the product samples.

"each batch of products have to go through sample testing, according to the test results, the products are processed at different levels, and then shipped according to the fine needs of customers." Li Wei, head of the company's quality control department, said that at present, all 10 analytical and testing instruments in the comprehensive testing hall have all resumed operation, and at least 300 samples have been tested in a day to ensure that the product quality will not fall behind during the epidemic prevention and control period.

In fact, in the pursuit of more high-end product quality and more variety, Yuefeng Aluminum always adheres to the development concept of R & D first. Li Zhi, secretary of the board of directors and chief financial officer of Yuefeng Aluminum, said that at present, the company has 3 doctorates and 6 masters in metal materials, has established academician workstations in the industry, and has established close technological and strategic cooperation with many colleges and universities at home and abroad. has a strong ability of independent research and development. Up to now, it has 9 invention patents, 48 utility model patents, 36 provincial scientific and technological achievements and a number of non-patented technology and reserve and R & D product projects.

Save resources and products develop towards green.

In fact, the company has been focusing on the deep processing of aluminum alloy and aluminum alloy, while the green development concept of saving resources and recycling runs through R & D and production.

Liu Lin calculated to the reporter that for every ton of recycled aluminum, 22 cubic meters of water can be saved, 20 tons of solid waste can be reduced, and about 1.4 tons of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide will be reduced. In order to further save resources and protect the environment, the company is committed to the recycling of recycled aluminum resources on extruded aluminum alloy, saving about 0.18 litres of fuel per 100 km, realizing the lightweight of the automobile.

The key basic materials of aluminum alloy products produced by Yuefeng Aluminum are widely used in automotive, high-speed rail, aerospace, military, power electronics, building profiles and other fields, and through the research and production of aluminum instead of steel, aluminum instead of copper, aluminum instead of wood, it can further promote the lightweight of automotive, rail transit, aerospace materials and the performance of electric and electrical products, and achieve the goal of energy saving and emission reduction.

Guo Wendeng, chairman of Yuefeng Aluminum Technology, said that under the test of the epidemic, Yuefeng Aluminum will take advantage of the opportunity of the coordinated development of Suzhou, Wuxi and Changzhou and the planning and construction of the Shanghai New area to step up production and deliver domestic and foreign orders in time. At the same time, we should further increase investment in technological research and knowledge talents, and actively fulfill social responsibilities while producing excellent products and meeting market demand.