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The first batch of all-aluminum mask recycling bins help Wuhan

March 10, 2020

During the prevention and control of the epidemic, masks have become necessary protective equipment for everyone to go out, but if discarded masks are not properly disposed of, they may become a secondary source of pollution. Yuefeng Aluminum Technology, as a domestic all-aluminum customized household navigation brand, focuses on solving the problem of disposal of epidemic prevention and waste materials such as waste masks, and gives full play to its expertise. Yuefeng all-aluminum mask recycling box was developed and produced for the collection of waste masks in Wuhan, contributing to winning the war of prevention and control of the epidemic. On February 29th, the company's first batch of 300000 yuan worth of all-aluminum mask recycling bins were donated to the Wuhan Dongxihu District Emergency Command Center through the Wuhan Charity Federation and began to be put into use in Wuhan.

It is understood that Yuefeng aluminum technology customized development of all-aluminum mask recycling box has many characteristics: first, environmental protection and zero formaldehyde. The recycling bin is made of aluminum alloy, which has no formaldehyde release and protects the environment. Second, it is firm and durable, light and durable, good strength and easy to move. Third, it is moistureproof and moth-proof. Fourth, it is antibacterial and has no peculiar smell. Fifth, the box is waterproof and will not breed bacteria because of Rain Water's mildew. Sixth, it is easy to clean, and the surface of the box is smooth and delicate and easy to clean. Seventh, the box body is fireproof. If the mask in the box catches fire due to special circumstances such as high temperature, the box can play the role of flame retardant. Eighth, the value can be preserved and recycled. The all-aluminum box can not only maintain the value, but also has the characteristics of long-term energy saving and environmental protection, and can achieve sustainable development and recycling.