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Anyi county continues to grow aluminum industry cluster

September 12, 2023
Leading industry - aluminum profile industry to achieve production capacity ranked first in East China, second in the country, ranked 15th in the province's 100 industrial clusters; Building materials industry to form the whole industrial chain agglomeration; "Anyi Building Materials" was selected as "the most popular ten regional consumer brands in Jiangxi"... In recent years, Anyi County's industrial momentum is encouraging, industrial clusters are bursting with vitality, transformation and upgrading continue to accelerate, and the business environment continues to optimize. In order to create a high-quality development engine for county economy, Anyi County starts again and steps on the development of a new "aluminum" process.
Form the whole industrial chain building materials industrial cluster
Anyi County focuses on leading industries, "deep" and "solid" under the effort of extending chain, repairing chain and strong chain, leading the building materials industry to form a whole industry chain cluster from aluminum profiles, smart doors and Windows, plastic steel profiles processing to glass, microcrystalline jade, hardware, glass glue, bathroom, aluminum doors and Windows.
Baltic Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development, manufacturing, sales, installation in one of the scientific research, innovative energy-saving environmental protection door and window curtain wall system production enterprises, is also one of the representatives of smart home innovation in Anyi high-tech Park. The company is headquartered in Suzhou, China, with two production bases in Jiangsu and Jiangxi. Sun LAN, general manager of Baltic, said: "Thanks to the whole industrial chain cluster of the park, after the settlement, many parts required for the production and manufacturing of our doors and Windows are from the park, reducing transportation costs, and the park management committee has provided us with a lot of policy support, adding confidence to the development of enterprises."
To benefit from the brand, Anyi County continues to promote the growth of aluminum industry clusters. At present, the park has created 6 Chinese well-known trademarks and 21 provincial famous brands; Has won the "China aluminum town", "China door and window town", "China plastic steel door and window profile demonstration base", "China smart door and window cooperation demonstration base" and other 9 national brand honors; Jin Xinfa Aluminum won the honor of the provincial top 100 manufacturing enterprises, and achieved the breakthrough of "zero" in the top 100 manufacturing enterprises. Le Bingbing, director of the Management Committee of Anyi High-tech Park, said: "We actively plan to establish industry standards, combined with the existing national standardization system for doors and Windows, and initially determined the construction goals and programs that meet the standard system for Anyi doors and Windows." In addition, with the launch of the declaration of the collective trademark of 'Anyi doors and Windows' and the certification trademark, Anyi aluminum profiles based on the concept of industrialization, industrial chain thinking and branded products will develop better in China's aluminum industry."
Promote the transformation to high-end industrial profiles
To promote the sustainable and high-quality development of the aluminum profile industry, digital transformation is the only way for enterprises. Anyi County firmly grasped the development opportunities, made new breakthroughs in new technologies, new manufacturing and other aspects, and seized the commanding heights of future development.
In Anyi High-tech Park, Yuefeng Aluminum has become a supplier of lightweight aluminum parts for Tesla Motors. Hongxin Aluminum has the province's largest 6000T profile extrusion machine; Jinpeng Aluminum has entered the top 100 aluminum profile enterprises in China, and the proportion of industrial profiles exceeds 70%. The qualitative change of the quality development of aluminum profiles in Anyi County has been contributed by the quantitative change.
Based on the transformation and upgrading of roughing to door and window terminals and civil profiles to industrial profiles, Anyi aluminum profile products accelerate the building materials industry chain from the low-end to the high-end and intelligent, open the industrial development of the deep integration of digitalization and industrialization, and strive to open up a new pattern. Today, the transformation of the aluminum profile industry to industrial profiles extends to aluminum templates, solar panels, automotive aluminum accessories, aerospace aluminum and other high-end aluminum processing products, and the proportion of industrial profiles has increased to 35%.
"At present, Anyi County relies on the scientific and technological advantages of the Research Institute and the China Academy of Construction Science in the field of new materials to strengthen the industrial base, provide multi-field planning, development solutions and innovative services for the aluminum profile industry of Anyi, help the horizontal agglomeration and vertical integration of industrial resources, and promote the transformation of the traditional model and the emerging model." "Ms. Le said.
Do excellent service guarantee to stimulate the vitality of enterprises
In order to further promote the high-quality and sustainable development of the building materials industry and continue to build the "most popular regional consumer brand", optimizing the business environment is a key measure.
Anyi High-tech Park focuses on the main role of enterprises as industrial development, and takes many measures to solve the problems of enterprise development and stimulate the vitality of enterprise development. The park adheres to the "Party building Phoenix Red" as the guide, strengthens the joint construction and linkage with non-public Party organizations, and realizes the "zero distance" between government and business. "For the purpose of effectively solving the difficulties of enterprises, we actively carry out" enterprise heart "and" No. 1 research "and other actions to protect enterprises, and constantly improve the ability to serve enterprises." Since the first half of this year, we have collected a total of 28 difficult problems, 23 problems have been solved, and the remaining 5 are being handled. At the same time, the enterprise service Office also made efforts to solve the enrollment problem of enterprise employees' children, and in the first half of the year, 49 children of 40 enterprises were enrolled." According to Yu Jia, director of the enterprise Service Office of Anyi High-tech Park, in terms of policy implementation, in the past three years, the park has cashed more than 80 million yuan of policy incentive funds for enterprises.
In addition, in order to cultivate high-quality enterprises, the park has developed a chain master enterprise cultivation plan to establish a cultivation database of aluminum profile enterprises with a revenue of more than 1 billion yuan and more than 500 million yuan in 2022, of which 2 have a cultivation revenue of more than 1 billion yuan and 16 have a revenue of more than 500 million yuan, and the aluminum profile industry cultivation list and the aluminum profile industry provincial and municipal "specialized and new" cultivation list are drawn up. Form an "industry-leading phalanx". Not only that, the park actively builds a settlement center and a supply chain finance platform, and carefully carries out work around making Anyi building materials industry bigger and stronger, reducing enterprise procurement costs, preventing industrial chain risks, and guiding enterprise transformation and upgrading.
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