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Yuefeng GIS aluminum alloy parts intelligent production line project started

September 12, 2023
On September 8, Hailing District held a ceremony to start the construction of major industrial projects in the third quarter of 2023, with a total of 16 major industrial projects participating in the concentrated construction, with a planned total investment of 13.68 billion yuan.
The ceremony was held at the construction site of Yuefeng GIS aluminum alloy intelligent production line project in the new energy industrial Park. The project plans a total investment of 1 billion yuan, increase the "intelligent transformation number transformation" investment to create intelligent benchmarking workshop, build a digital, green production system, greatly improve the stability of products, production efficiency, is expected to annual output of 150,000 aluminum alloy parts.
Since the beginning of this year, Hailing District has focused on high-quality development tasks, continued to create a large project, a large industry, and a large development atmosphere, and its economic operation has rebounded. The concentrated projects involved new energy, new materials, intelligent manufacturing, auto parts, modern logistics and other fields. Among them, the investment of new energy industry projects is more than 6 billion yuan, accounting for nearly half of the total investment of the construction project, and the new energy industry of Hailing is rising in an all-round way.
The project is closely linked to the "1+2+3" modern industrial system of Hailing, showing the characteristics of large volume, excellent structure and high quality. Among them, the "second-phase potential" of stock enterprises continues to expand. National specialized special "little giant" enterprises, high-tech enterprises, Jiangsu Province private science and technology enterprises - Taizhou Yuefeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD., to speed up the pace of "intelligent transformation number", invested 1 billion yuan of new phase II project - Yuefeng GIS aluminum alloy parts intelligent production line project, to create intelligent benchmarking workshop, construction of digital, green production system. In the future, the stability and production efficiency of products will be greatly improved, and the market competitiveness will be further enhanced. After the project is fully reached, the annual output of aluminum alloy parts can be 150,000 pieces.
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