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Application of Aluminum Alloy material of Yuefeng Aluminum Company in "Pang Wu"​ Rocket

December 30, 2019

The reporter learned from Yuefeng Light Alloy Co., Ltd. that recently, the long March 5 Yao 3 carrier rocket was successfully launched at China's Wenchang Space launch site, among which, Yuefeng Company undertook the research and development of important aluminum alloy materials for the long March 5 rocket body, such as storage tank materials, high-strength body ring forgings, key structural connectors, and pressure oil guide pipes.

The long March 5 carrier rocket, nicknamed "Fat 5", needs to match a larger tank with more propellant fuel in order to achieve its high thrust. In the course of rocket flight, the storage tank has to bear huge load, temperature difference and gravity problems. Yuefeng Company has developed a 2-series alloy plate, which has the characteristics of high strength after heat treatment, easy processing and non-warping after processing. effectively reduce the strength loss of the material and reduce the weight of the aircraft body.

Liu Lin, general manager of Yuefeng Special Materials Co., Ltd., said that the pressurized oil guide pipe is one of the main structural components of the rocket body, which is difficult to extrude and roll, and the quality fluctuates greatly. For this reason, the special materials company has set up a special research team to refine and quantify the parameters, follow up and verify them batch by batch, and form a set of systematic and perfect process system after more than 100 batches of process optimization and revision.

Yuefeng Company was founded in 1983, developed from two of the 156 key projects during the first five-year Plan period, and is known as "the cradle of China's aluminum and magnesium processing industry".