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Jiangsu Yuefeng Aluminum profile Co., Ltd. won many quality awards.

December 30, 2019

On December 26, sponsored by Jiangsu quality Association, Jiangsu Federation of Trade unions, Jiangsu Women's Federation, Jiangsu Daily, Jiangsu user Committee, Jiangsu customer satisfaction Project Joint Promotion Office, Jiangsu quality Management Service Co., Ltd. the provincial implementation of customer satisfaction project and high-quality development promotion conference was held in Wuxi.

The implementation of customer satisfaction project in the province is not only a social quality activity, but also the need for organizations to pursue excellent quality and service. Over the years, as the main promotion organization of the provincial quality association to promote customer satisfaction projects, the provincial user committee has actively promoted quality standardization, standardization and branding, through quality evaluation, consumer rights protection, and promoting user satisfaction, etc., help nearly a thousand enterprises to implement the "user satisfaction project" and absorb about 30,000 users to participate in enterprise quality evaluation activities.

The "Yuefeng" brand aluminum alloy building profile of Jiangsu Yuefeng Aluminum profile Co., Ltd. won the honorary title of "Jiangsu customer satisfaction products" in 2018, and Comrade Wang Guoqiang, the quality supervisor of the company, won the honorary title of "Jiangsu quality craftsman" in 2018-2019. The company's powder spraying workshop won the honorary title of "Jiangsu customer satisfaction Service Star Group" in 2018. Comrade Liu Lin, general inspector of the quality assurance department of the company, was awarded the honorary title of "Jiangsu Province customer satisfaction Service Star" in 2018.

Quality represents the image of the enterprise and is the life of the enterprise. Since its inception, the company has been adhering to the quality of survival, quality and development. Product quality is the cornerstone and pillar for the survival and development of Jiangsu Yuefeng Aluminum profile Co., Ltd. in the future, Yuefeng Aluminum Industry will pay more attention to product quality control and pass better products, better service and better brand to all users. in more than 20 years of development, continue to accumulate, actively promote product innovation, model innovation, scientific and technological innovation.

Yuefeng Group is a leading aluminum extrusion enterprise in the world. at present, it has formed a development pattern of three core businesses: industrial aluminum extrusion, aluminum Calendering and deep processing. the company's products have been widely used in green construction, transportation, mechanical equipment and power engineering and other fields, and its customers are all over the world's major markets.

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