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Baise City: Leading the transformation and upgrading of aluminum industry with innovation

July 4, 2023
The report to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that we must adhere to the principle that science and technology are the primary productive forces, talent is the first resource, and innovation is the first driving force. We must thoroughly implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education, the strategy of strengthening the country through talent, and the strategy of innovation-driven development, open up new areas and new tracks for development, and constantly create new drivers and advantages for development. At present, Guangxi Baise is in a critical period of the transformation of old and new driving forces and economic transformation and upgrading, and must enhance the awareness of solving contradictions and solving problems through scientific and technological innovation, stimulate the internal driving force and vitality of economic development, and achieve high-quality economic development.
Aluminum industry is the traditional advantage of Baise industry, after years of development, has achieved a historical change from scratch, from weak to strong. However, the problems of Baise's aluminum industry, such as weak deep processing capacity, low added value of products, and few terminal products, are still the biggest "pain points" currently faced, and it is urgent to drive transformation and upgrading through innovation to walk out of a new way of high-quality development of the aluminum industry with Baise characteristics.
First, promote the integration of industrial chain innovation and chain, and crack the bottleneck problem of transformation and upgrading of the aluminum industry. The industrial chain puts forward the demand for technological innovation, the innovation chain promotes the value of the industrial chain, and the integrated development of the industrial chain innovation chain is the key to accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the aluminum industry. It is necessary to carry out technological research on new aluminum alloy materials, aluminum matrix composite materials, and deep processing of aluminum products, and vigorously develop aluminum deep processing products in the fields of automotive lightweight, new energy and new infrastructure, power, packaging, electronic appliances, and building furniture, and extend the aluminum industrial chain and increase added value. It is necessary to focus on solving the bottleneck problem of high energy consumption in the aluminum industry, and carry out key technological research such as high efficiency and energy saving of alumina, waste heat recovery and utilization, and energy saving and consumption reduction of electrolytic aluminum, so as to promote green and low-carbon development. Efforts should be made to solve the problem of comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste, strengthen technological breakthroughs in the comprehensive utilization of red mud and the efficient utilization of recycled aluminum, and promote the sustainable development of resource recycling.
The second is to give play to the main role of enterprise innovation and enhance the internal impetus for the transformation and upgrading of the aluminum industry. As the main body of management, innovation and investment, enterprises are the driving force and driving force of industrial transformation and upgrading. It is necessary to further strengthen the dominant position of enterprises in innovation, promote the concentration of innovation factors such as policies, projects, funds and talents to enterprises, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. It is necessary to improve the implementation of preferential policies such as additional deductions for research and development investment of aluminum production enterprises, tax incentives, financial incentives, and government preferential procurement, reduce the cost of investment in scientific and technological innovation of enterprises, and stimulate the enthusiasm of enterprises for independent innovation. It is necessary to increase the cultivation of innovative aluminum production enterprises, cultivate a number of innovative enterprises in succession according to the growth route of "science and technology smes - high-tech enterprises - gazelle enterprises", and actively build a cluster of science and technology enterprises.
The third is to accelerate the construction of the innovation platform carrier and strengthen the scientific and technological support for the transformation and upgrading of the aluminum industry. Innovation platform is an important carrier to gather innovation resources, gather innovative talents, carry out technological innovation, and promote the transfer and transformation of achievements. It is necessary to enhance the research and development capabilities of existing engineering research centers, enterprise technology centers and other platforms, and accelerate the creation of a number of national and autonomous region level science and technology innovation platforms. Build a platform for industry-university-research collaborative innovation, and rely on enterprises, universities, research institutions and innovation alliances to carry out scientific and technological innovation research on major common key technologies. Strengthen the construction of public service platforms such as national science and technology business incubators, mass innovation Spaces, and scientific and technological achievements trading centers, achieve centralized release of policy, project, product and other information, and provide high-quality public services for the innovation and development of aluminum enterprises.
Fourth, strengthen the construction of innovative talents and consolidate the foundation of talents for the transformation and upgrading of the aluminum industry. Talent is the first resource and the most active and positive factor in innovation activities. To accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the aluminum industry, we must do a good job in the construction of innovative talents, vigorously create a good environment for talent development, and attract innovative talents to gather. It is necessary to improve the ecology of "attracting, nurturing and retaining" talents, and implement policies on entrepreneurship and innovation, housing security, and living subsidies. Innovative talent introduction methods, planned training and introduction of aluminum deep processing and application of all kinds of talents, support chain master enterprises, leading enterprises to introduce leading scientific and technological talents and innovation teams. Deepen the integration of production and education, cooperation between schools and enterprises, cultivate a number of high-quality technical skills and artisan talents, and create a highland for innovative talents in the aluminum industry.
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