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Yuefeng Aluminum won the title of 2022 Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Factory in Jiangsu Province

July 4, 2023
Recently, Jiangsu Province Industry and Information Technology Department released a public announcement, after the on-site review and recommendation of the industry and Information Technology Department expert group, Yuefeng Aluminum was awarded the title of Jiangsu Province intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Factory in 2022. Jiangsu intelligent manufacturing demonstration factory by the provincial Department of Industry and Information technology and the provincial Department of Finance organized experts to identify, through the on-site evaluation, the selection of intelligent manufacturing demonstration factory with a high degree of intelligent digitalization, leading science and technology level, industry development leading role.
After nearly 20 years of digital construction, Yuefeng Aluminum takes the lead in building smart factories in the aluminum processing industry. Digital transformation not only helps Yuefeng Aluminum to improve production and operation efficiency, fine management, and quality, but also helps to promote scientific and technological innovation, enhance enterprise competitiveness, and achieve high-quality development of enterprises.
The evaluation is not the end of Yuefeng Aluminum smart factory construction, during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, Yuefeng Aluminum continued to promote the application of intelligent equipment, machine foundry, black light factory and other projects, while using a new generation of information technology, to create 5G, VR/AR, Internet of things and other new generation of information technology application scenarios, the construction of 5G fully connected factories, while developing the development strategy of digital enterprises. Take data as a key strategic resource and driving factor, accelerate business innovation and transformation, and form a data-driven digital corporate governance system. Yuefeng Aluminum will firmly implement the intelligent strategy of the group's high-end manufacturing numbers and build a national aluminum processing intelligent manufacturing benchmark factory.
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