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Baotou aluminum industrial Park introduced 17 projects above 100 million yuan in the first quarter

May 6, 2023
Anchoring the new material industry and extending the aluminum industrial chain, as of the first quarter, Baotou Aluminum Industrial Park has introduced 17 projects of more than 100 million yuan, and the new investment in fixed assets is more than 2 billion yuan.
Into Baotou aluminum industrial Park, the major projects are stepping up. At the construction site of Yuefeng New Material Technology Co., LTD., steel structure hoisting is being done for the 200,000-ton green lightweight high-end aluminum alloy new material intensive processing project. The project has a total investment of 2 billion yuan, and 50% of the works of the plant and office building have been completed. It is planned to be completed and put into operation by the end of the year. After all the projects are completed, the total output value will reach 8 billion yuan and the profit will be 900 million yuan.
General manager of Yuefeng New Material Technology Co., LTD introduced: "The project will produce 100,000 tons of solar photovoltaic frame supporting products and 20,000 tons of automotive lightweight products, including automotive chassis, battery tray, ABS valve body and other intensive processing projects. In the later stage, all 200,000 tons of high-end alloy will be intensively processed and turned into component products for new energy photovoltaic and structural profiles and parts for new energy vehicles."
As a modern high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of green lightweight high-end aluminum based new materials and deep processing products, Yuefeng New Material Technology Co., LTD. 's products can be widely used in solar photovoltaic power generation, new energy passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and other green new energy industry. The project can realize the on-site conversion of aluminum water, generate new energy supporting products, further extend the aluminum industry chain, and help reduce carbon emission in the product terminal application field.
Since the beginning of this year, with the goal of creating a banner industry cluster of aluminum intensive processing, Donghe District has done a good job in extending, reinforcing and strengthening the chain of the aluminum industrial chain, constantly strengthening the incremental awareness, introducing high-quality projects, realizing the project production and efficiency as soon as possible, and vigorously promoting the development of the aluminum industry to the high-end, intelligent and green direction.
Wu Zhenzhong, head of the Investment Promotion Department of Baotou Aluminum Industry Park, said, "At present, a large number of projects such as Huayun Phase III light alloy project of 420,000 tons, Yuefeng New Materials green lightweight transportation aluminum project of 200,000 tons, North China Aluminum Industry project of 91,000 tons electromagnetic thin project are speeding up construction, and the overall momentum of the park is developing well."
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