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Development status and application difficulties of all aluminum furniture

September 3, 2018

Now advocating replacing wood with aluminum is a major strategy of the state's environmental policy as well as that of China, a country with excessive aluminum production. Today's furniture industry is no longer the same as before the traditional wooden furniture monopoly, with modern fashion sense of aluminum furniture began to rise, and gradually formed a new furniture industry pattern.

In recent years, due to excessive logging, on the one hand, the destruction of the environment is becoming more and more serious, which is not in line with modern people's pursuit of a green and healthy environment, on the other hand, is not conducive to the development of the national economy. It is estimated that by 2020, China's timber demand will probably reach 800 million cubic meters. Some timber exporting countries have also banned logging in recent years, which makes the already tight timber resources even more scarce, and the timber market ushered in an unprecedented "shortage" period.

Aluminum is the most readily available metal on the earth, with the characteristics of light weight, high strength and high recycling, and has been widely used in various fields. China is a big aluminium producer, currently facing the serious problem of excess capacity, it is urgent to find new application directions.

Like oil, soybeans and other commodities, excessive dependence on imports of timber can also endanger the country's strategic security. But with the real estate industry in recent years, furniture and household products are using wood as raw materials, such a huge demand for wood, how to solve, whether there is a corresponding substitute?


New furniture industry pattern

In 2016, China's furniture manufacturing industry realized operating income of 855.95 billion yuan, and in 2017, the main revenue of furniture industry was 902 billion yuan. Among them, plate furniture accounted for 55%, metal furniture revenue 105 billion yuan, according to incomplete statistics, total aluminum furniture annual turnover of about 5 billion to 6 billion yuan, we can see that the aluminum home industry has a huge market space.

2. Under the background of increasing consumer demand for home life and national production capacity, all-aluminum home ushered in unprecedented development opportunities. According to the first quarter of 2008 report, total aluminum furniture business revenue as high as 4 billion yuan, which is close to the total revenue of 2017. According to the household consumption market analysis, 35% of consumers have the intention to buy the health and environmental protection furniture, such as aluminum furniture. Aluminum furniture as a new favorite to meet the health and environmental protection of consumers and personalized customization needs, is bound to gradually penetrate the market share dominated by traditional wood furniture.

3.2017, can be said to be the first year of all-aluminum home in the country to promote vigorously, all-aluminum home exhibitions and forums are coming all over the country, people are no longer so strange to all-aluminum furniture. Compared with wood furniture, all-aluminum furniture is green, odorless, zero formaldehyde, waterproof and fire-proof, insect-proof, non-deformable, easy to clean, durable, recyclable and so on, which let the public see the huge prospects of aluminum in the home industry. Milan International Furniture Exhibition, one of the three major furniture exhibitions in the world, is a vane of the world's furniture, accessories, lamps and lanterns. According to the Milan exhibition data report and Trend Discussion in April 2008, the future direction of furniture materials is natural and environmental protection materials, and highlighted the trend of combining with aluminum, data show that the combination of modern furniture and aluminum has reached one third of the overall furniture.

4. China's aluminum household industry is a new industry, the earliest start of research and development of enterprises less than 10 years ago, and the industry blowout-like development is also in the last two years, the scale from the initial few in the country to thousands of. After seeing the broad market prospects, keen home enterprises, aluminum profiles enterprises, sheet metal enterprises in 2017 have invested in the establishment of research and development centers, positive transformation, began to introduce all-aluminum furniture. Data show that hundreds of aluminum deep processing enterprises have entered the production and service field of aluminum furniture one after another, including many well-known enterprises, such as Liaoning Zhongwang, Shandong Huajian, Guangdong Fenghua aluminum and so on.

5. From the macro-level, aluminum processing materials are important materials for the national economy and people's livelihood. The emergence of all-aluminum furniture conforms to the national policy to broaden the scope of application of aluminum, but also responds to the national call for energy-saving and environmental protection policies.


Difficulties in production and application of aluminum furniture

Traditional wooden furniture is mainly made of granular board, density board and multi-layer board materials. In the process of production and processing, they are low cost, easy to process, high utilization rate of whole board cutting and high efficiency of processing; while all-aluminum furniture is mainly made of honeycomb board and splicing board materials of profiles, which have high cost and difficult splicing processing. The cutting efficiency is very low, and the machining efficiency is very low. Moreover, most of the products in the aluminum furniture industry are still dominated by safflower pear, Huanghua pear and other laminated patterns. The author has done market analysis, and now the post-80s and post-90s consumer groups are still dominated by fashion, modernity and simplicity. All aluminum furniture manufacturers have not catered to the market demand in the sense of design.

In order to solve the above difficulties and pain points, Yuefeng Aluminum Co., Ltd. in recent years in product quality, technology research and development, sales model, post-service and other dimensions of huge investment, in-depth development of all-aluminum furniture, recognized by the industry.

The company started in 1998, engaged in the sales and processing of aluminum profiles for doors and windows. At the end of 2012, the company upgraded and increased aluminum furniture projects. Yuefeng Aluminum Co., Ltd. was established in 2013. In June 2016, the company successfully transformed into "Javert Magnesium Aluminum Smart Home" and entered the all-aluminum customized home industry and launched into the market.

Yuefeng Aluminum Industry has been devoting itself to the development route of batch production since its independent innovation and development of aluminum furniture. This production base is to have professional supporting production software and customized production equipment. From 2016, Yuefeng Aluminum began to seek cooperation with software companies and equipment manufacturers, and has been working with Jiangnan University and Wuxi National Software Corporation. Parts Garden and other related software companies cooperate in the development of customized production software; dock with equipment manufacturers in Shandong, Anhui and other places to develop customized equipment according to the existing process, after more than three years of research and development debugging, 2017 to achieve equipment, software development success, and in May 2018 to finally achieve seamless docking with equipment automation production, complete. China is the first country to achieve the integration of production and software, the program can achieve furniture design, drawing, disassembly, production, quotation, documentation, after-sales service and a series of functions.

In the future, Yuefeng Aluminum will take the southern Jiangsu base as the center, lay out the national market, give priority to seeking partners in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Northwest China to establish production bases, shorten the supply cycle, reduce transportation costs, and quickly occupy the national market; secondly, in response to the call of industry associations, accelerate the application of aluminum in furniture industry. In the process, we will focus on promoting the overall solution of all-aluminium production line, and then promote the development of aluminum furniture in the industry. Thirdly, we will increase investment in innovation and R&D. After successful R&D of four-generation products on the market, the company will continue to research and develop in-depth from the perspective of cost control, assembly process, new material integration, and so on, and continue to do the industry. Guider and navigator.

(This article is published in "China Nonferrous Metals". Author: Wuxi Yuefeng Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.)