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Yuefeng aluminum: let quality risk change from "variable" to "controllable"

Good quality Aluminium Profiles for sales
Good quality Aluminium Profiles for sales
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We have been using YueFeng Aluminium as a supplier for a number of years, however since the new management team took over responsibility about four years ago they have become not only a supplier they have become a strategic partner supplying not only parts to our business but also solutions and advances in extruded Aluminium components.

—— Bretti--Manufacturing Director

YueFeng continue to provide excellent manufactured products and offer services aligned perfectly to our requirements. They are able to dovetail into our fluid sales requirements whilst consistently delivering to schedule.

—— Gavin Sykes--Managing Director

Your products are very popular in our market.

—— Mr. Clive

Good Quality, Best Service supplier that we met until now.

—— David Little

You always can give me the best plan ,and it lets my customer feel great,i hope we can have another chance to cooperation.

—— Michael

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Yuefeng aluminum: let quality risk change from "variable" to "controllable"
Yuefeng aluminum: let quality risk change from "variable" to "controllable"

On August 9, the high-speed train with the words "Yuefeng Aluminum Technology" printed on its body started at Guangzhou South Railway Station, running through the Shanghai-Hanlong, Wuhan-Guangzhou-Shenzhen and Nanguang-Guiguang lines.

After more than 20 years of development, Jiangsu Yuefeng Aluminum Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yuefeng Aluminum Industry") products have penetrated into rail transit, aerospace, marine engineering, electronic and electrical appliances, machinery and equipment, construction, decoration and other fields.


The powerful weapon that Yuefeng aluminum industry can take in many fields is the complete quality management system. Relying on Yuefeng Aluminum Industry Research Institute's leading technological innovation ability and quality management system, and taking the "three quality" as the guiding ideology of quality work, Yuefeng Aluminum Industry has realized the coordinated development of work quality, product quality and service quality, and exerted the "1 + 1 + 1 > 3" effect.


Products are widely used in Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge and other major projects.

Entering Yuefeng Aluminum Factory, we can see that "quality is the fundamental development of enterprises" in red letters, firmly installed in the factory wall. This quality-based enterprise has repeatedly used the "golden key" of quality to open the door of large-scale national projects.

While the aluminum profiles industry is still buried in the production of building profiles, Yuefeng Aluminum has already become the first domestic aluminum profiles enterprises to obtain the title of "China Aerospace Special Aluminum Material". The title needs to be rigorously screened, because space projects require stringent requirements for aluminum profiles.


With strict quality control standards, Yuefeng Aluminum has taken the lead in the industry into the aerospace and rail transit fields. For example, in the field of rail transit, from the floor to the pillow beam, from the luggage rack to the steering beam, every part of rail transit vehicles need to meet the most stringent quality standards, with the best mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance and other comprehensive performance. Yuefeng aluminum industry has been tested and tested for a long time before it can be applied in this field.

Up to now, Yuefeng Aluminum has been widely used in large-scale construction projects and transportation projects such as Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Shanghai (F1) International Circuit, Guangzhou Asian Games, Shenzhen Universiade, Shanghai World Expo, Hong Kong Trolley, Xujiahui Aluminum Viaduct.
Excellent product quality has made Yuefeng Aluminum products recognized by customers, industry associations and the government. The enterprise has won the Golden Cup Award of Physical Quality of Nonferrous Metal Products of China Nonferrous Metal Industry Association for ten consecutive years. In 2013, Yuefeng Aluminum won the "Wuxi Municipal Government Quality Award".


The industry pioneered the "three quality" whole process quality management concept.

National Accredited Laboratory, International Automobile Industry Quality Management System, International Railway Industry Quality Management System, Weapons and Equipment Quality Management System, Norwegian Classification Society (DNV) certification has been included in Yuefeng Aluminum. Yuefeng Aluminum has organized and drafted up to 6 national and industrial standards, and participated in drafting up to 43 national and industrial standards.

Authoritative certification with credibility and the qualification to lead and participate in drafting national and industrial standards are equivalent to labeling enterprises as "reliable in quality". "Quality improvement is not achieved through a person, a product, a system, a standard, but reflected in the overall management level." Yuefeng aluminum related responsible person said.


Regarding the quality, Yuefeng Aluminum has its own secret book - the overall quality thought and policy with "three qualities" as the core, which is the first idea put forward by Fengfeng Aluminum in the industry. The "three qualities" emphasize the coordinated development and mutual promotion of work quality, product quality and service quality, let the quality concept run through from raw and auxiliary materials to customer terminals, from logistic support department to production line, from ordinary staff to high-level enterprises, and form an all-round, dead-end, zero tolerance quality defense. Front.

This innovative quality management concept was put forward in 2013, which coincides with the turning point of product structure transformation. Yuefeng Aluminum related person in charge said that at that time the construction aluminum profile market tends to be saturated, the market inflection point is beginning to appear, enterprises to have sustainable development space, must be to industrial profiles, special profiles transformation.

However, the industrial profiles use complex and diverse environments, application scenarios are different, industry access threshold is much higher than building profiles. This requires Yuefeng Aluminum Industry to upgrade the management level of R&D, production, service and other whole process, so that there are variables that may affect the quality of the process, are included in the corresponding strict management process, so that the quality risk becomes controllable.

For example, in the production process and product quality control process, there is a "three-level inspection" process which combines "self-inspection", "patrol inspection" and "special inspection" to ensure that "unqualified raw materials are not put into production, unqualified products are not produced, unqualified products are not factory". In the most difficult service links, Yuefeng Aluminum won the recognition and dependence of customers and the market through customer satisfaction survey, regular and irregular customer visits, customer quality response mechanism and processing procedures.


The general idea of "three quality" quality work has led to sustained and stable development of enterprises. Under the increasingly saturated market environment of building profiles, Yuefeng Aluminum still maintained a growth rate of over 10%, and industrial profiles have doubled.

Relying on industry leading R & D platform to build strong quality base

On the left side of Yuefeng Aluminum Office Building, a 9,000-square-meter building is in full swing. This is Yuefeng Aluminum's future science and technology building. As the heart of enterprise innovation, Yuefeng aluminum Research Institute will also move here. In the whole process quality management system of Yuefeng aluminum industry, innovation is the strong base of quality. In 2014, Yuefeng Aluminum Co. established Yuefeng Aluminum Research Institute by integrating state-level enterprise technology center and provincial engineering center.

The key to prolong the service life of building aluminum profiles is to improve their corrosion resistance. Yuefeng Aluminum Co. Ltd. is committed to improving its corrosion resistance from innovative links, especially stringent standards for corrosion resistance of new products. In the artificial accelerated aging chamber, the samples of each new product are subjected to the accelerated "torture" of simulated natural environment. The corrosion resistance of aluminum is tested by experiments ranging from 1000 hours to 4000 hours.

Huang Qiang, project director of Yuefeng Aluminum Strategic Planning Department, said aluminum profiles generally take decades to use, but it is impossible to use decades to verify a new product. The laboratory is to increase the intensity of the simulation of harsh environment, in the shortest possible time to verify the feasibility of the product. In Yuefeng Aluminum, only to ensure that the corrosion resistance of new products to meet strict standards can be put into mass production, ensure that their aluminum profiles are applied to different scenarios, in order to maintain durable life and stability.


Record of hand

The "quality win theory"

Yuefeng Aluminum put forward the "three quality" management concept, covering the entire process of management, each link closely linked, interdependent. The quality management concept of the whole process of management, if not done well, can only be a big and empty slogan; if done well, it is a point-to-line comprehensive three-dimensional management system.

From product development to raw material warehousing, from product production to factory testing, from product logistics to after-sales service, there are many key points in each major link, as long as a key point out of the problem, may affect the final product quality and end-user experience.

In the quality management system of Yuefeng Aluminum Co., Ltd., each key point has a standard operating standard, and each link has a strict management process.

Only in this way can we minimize the quality risk as much as possible. The quality and stability of work, product and service will inevitably be favored by the market. This is the "way to win quality" that enterprises should face in the fierce market competition.  (text comes from yuefeng aluminum technology)

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