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Yuefeng aluminum pprofiles won the nomination award of China quality award again.

August 21, 2018

At the end of July this year, the General Administration of Market Supervision issued a notice on the official website of the General Administration of Market Supervision on announcing the list of winners of the Third China Quality Award and Nomination Award. Yuefeng Aluminum Profile Factory is listed. As the first aluminium profile industry to win the China Quality Award nomination award, Yuefeng aluminium profile after 2016 won the China Quality Award nomination award again. At the end of last year, Yuefeng Aluminum was selected as an alternative inspection point for the acceptance of "National Model City with Strong Quality".


As early as 2013, Yuefeng aluminum extrusions won the Jiangsu provincial government quality award. Along the way, Yuefeng Aluminum explains the vitality of Wuxi's quality with practical actions, and sets up a quality benchmark for the manufacturing industry. Behind the honor is Yuefeng aluminum 25 years of adherence to quality, but also it "adherence to the pursuit of perfection" inevitable result. In 1993, Yuefeng aluminum had only one casting machine and one extruder, and it was still a small workshop. In 2018, 5 of the 10 highest buildings in the world were selected from Yuefeng aluminum products.


Internalize the heart and practice the quality management mode


Entering the production workshop of Jiangyin Yuefeng aluminium, slogans of "insisting on pursuing the perfect quality management mode of"three hearts and three creations"can be seen everywhere. "Three centers" refers to the acceptance of the quality culture and quality strategy of the stakeholders; the concerted efforts in the implementation of quality control system, system, standards and quality improvement activities of the whole staff; and the joy of win-win sharing in the sharing of quality benefits of the enterprise. "Three creation" refers to the creation, innovation and creation of the company in the process of improving quality and increasing efficiency.

The quality management mode of "three hearts and three innovations" is the precipitation of Yuefeng aluminum for many years. The company takes the core values of "persistence in pursuit of perfection" as the axis of the model, and builds a "Yuefeng Family" team with "three centers" as the focus of the corporate culture, mobilizing the initiative, enthusiasm and creativity of all employees, driving the "three creations" operation, becoming a powerful engine to comprehensively improve the quality level.

In terms of specific implementation, Yuefeng aluminum is combined with software and hardware. In terms of hardware, enterprises attach importance to upgrade production equipment and technological innovation, to create intelligent, green factory. In terms of software, Yuefeng Aluminum has formed an advanced and reliable quality culture system layer through the "three people" quality responsibility system of "everyone do quality, everyone manage quality, everyone test quality", the implementation of "top-notch" responsibility system, quality "one vote veto" system.

On the understanding of quality, Yuefeng Aluminum Technology Center management director Wang Hui admitted that the previous single "product quality" concept has not been adapted to today's development. The understanding and understanding of quality has changed from "small quality concept" to "big quality concept" including R&D quality, production quality, product quality, sales quality, service quality and management quality.


Don't forget your heart and become the leader in the industry.


Yuefeng aluminum material has been advocating quality supremacy since its birth. At the beginning of its founding, Yuefeng Aluminum had only one casting machine and one extruder, and it was only a small workshop. But Liu Bing, chairman of Yuefeng Aluminum Extrusion, advocated the value of quality first and poured it into Yuefeng's daily operation.

At the beginning of 1994, the quality of Yuefeng aluminum extrusion workshop was between quality and disqualification. Is it directly delivered to customers or recycled? This has become a test of the quality of the company's products. At that time, the enterprises were in the initial stage, and the liquidity was relatively scarce. Some people suggested "not too true", but adhering to the concept of quality, Yuefeng Aluminum withstands the pressure to return all the products, direct economic losses as high as 100,000 yuan, which is a huge number at the time.

The incident also sounded a warning to enterprises, from the management to front-line staff began to discuss product quality awareness, the "defective product is waste" and "do not produce qualified products is unqualified employees" new ideas have been established. It is worth mentioning that Yuefeng Aluminum Company, while formulating a series of strict quality operation and supervision system, continuously strengthens the cultivation of employees'quality awareness and quality ability, establishes a knowledge management system, and actively participates in quality management training such as excellent performance, lean production and brand cultivation organized by Foshan Quality Supervision Bureau. By setting up the chief quality officer, a quality and safety one vote veto mechanism was established.

Yuefeng Aluminum is not satisfied with only doing a good job of products, but also through the implementation of standardization strategy, participate in the formulation of international standards, seize the voice of the industry. Since 1997, Yuefeng aluminum has been actively leading and participating in the formulation of national standards. Starting from 2007, the company has carried out a comprehensive "standardized good behavior enterprise" creation activities, and established a standard system of enterprises composed of various standards, covering all aspects from design to production and service. At the same time, enterprises also adhere to the road of standardization development, in addition to actively participate in the formulation and revision of 118 international, national and industrial standards, but also established 954 strict and superior to national standards of internal control standards.

Since its establishment 25 years ago, Yuefeng Aluminum Profile has never forgotten its original intention of quality. Now Yuefeng has grown into a leading enterprise in the aluminum profile industry at home and abroad.


Be bold in innovation and climb the peak of quality.


In 1999, the first fully automatic vertical oxidation electrophoresis production line in Japan was introduced into the industry with huge investment. The production capacity, efficiency and product quality have been greatly improved. Through the R&D and innovation of new materials and new products, the product has been transformed to high-end and high value-added direction. The integration management system of two modernizations has been established and ERP information management has been independently developed. The system is seamlessly connected with the automatic production equipment and storage system to ensure the real-time on-line and traceability of all data. In 2011, 9000 tons of large-scale extrusion press was introduced to enter a new era of transformation and upgrading from traditional building materials to special industrial materials and large cross-section industrial materials.

Yuefeng Aluminum has been able to achieve such rapid development and change in the past 25 years, thanks to its innovation system, which allows innovation throughout the entire process of strategic adjustment, product development, technological progress, production and operation, and continuous improvement in practice.
Taking Yuefeng aluminium system doors and windows as an example, the index level of the sealing system doors and windows is far higher than that of the ordinary doors and windows products in the industry. For example, most of the ordinary doors and windows watertight performance, air tightness, insulation performance is not higher than the industry standards of grade 3, Yuefeng aluminum materials these three indicators can reach grade 6, 8, 8, ordinary doors and windows most of the noise insulation performance is grade 1, Yuefeng aluminum materials can reach grade 5. As early as 2010, Jianmei Aluminum began to integrate the resources of the aluminum doors and windows industry chain, carry out the "customized doors and windows + Internet" operating mode of O2 O, leading the aluminum doors and windows industry to personalized, green, high-end development and extended to the service industry.

"Yuefeng aluminum factory invests more than 8% of its sales in R&D annually, which provides financial support for the company's technological innovation." Zhou Yuhuan introduced. In addition, Yuefeng Aluminum has also set up R&D and testing platforms such as National Enterprise Technology Center, Post-doctoral Research Workstation and National Accredited Laboratory in recent years. At the same time, a large number of innovative talents have been introduced. In recent years, 14 overseas experts have been introduced. In recent years, Yuefeng Aluminum has also made great achievements in innovations, undertaking five national research projects, patented technology is also a two-digit growth.