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Focusing on the hot spots of the aluminum industry, to explore the development of industrial aluminum

September 22, 2019

Introduction: This article focuses on raw materials, semi-finished products, application finished products and related solutions, focusing on the new performance of aluminum materials, new technologies, new trends and new applications, and focus on aluminum production enterprises and downstream industrial applications to create exchanges and cooperation and brand display, closely follow the pace of the industry, grasp the pulse of the industry, dig deep brand advantages.

Jiangsu aluminum processing industry needs transformation and upgrading to meet the new needs of industrial development

In recent years, China's industrial aluminum materials closely combined with the needs of market and scientific and technological development, the traditional industrial aluminum processing is gradually to modern industrial aluminum profile processing, industrial aluminum varieties, functions and applications have changed.


Jiangsu as a large province of aluminum processing, since the reform and opening up, aluminum processing material production has been ranked first in the country for more than 20 years. After years of development and precipitation, has formed a significant scale advantage and brand advantage of the industry. Compared with other provinces, Jiangsu aluminum processing industry industry chain is more perfect, the main force concentrated in Jiangyin and surrounding areas. Jiangyin is the birthplace of China's civil aluminum profile, is the largest domestic industry, the most perfect industrial chain of aluminum profile production and marketing distribution center, Jiangsu Jiangyin aluminum well-known at home and abroad, there is "China's aluminum profile industry base", Zhouzhuang Town is more known as "China's aluminum first town."


Dr. Liu Qiang, expert representative of Jiangsu Aluminum Processing Committee, said: "Jiangsu has made some progress in recent years mainly in the field of aluminum alloy applications, such as building templates, and made good progress in the field of home furnishings, such as aluminum lifting panels, aluminum flooring, aluminum wall decorative panels and other all-aluminum decoration, also made good progress." "

The future of automotive lightweight development, welding technology has become a difficult to overcome difficulties

With the increasing global environmental requirements, the demand for automobile energy consumption and emissions of various countries continue to improve and tighten, automotive lightweighting has been the focus of the industry in recent years. Increasing the proportion of aluminum used in vehicles to promote car lightweighting is the best way to achieve a win-win situation of environmental friendliness and industrial development. Facing the broad market prospect, automotive lightweighting has become an area that the aluminum industry pays close attention to.


Mr. Liu Lin, Deputy General Manager of Yuefeng Aluminum Group, has his own unique opinion on this, he said: "Automotive lightweighting is a hot topic in aluminum processing, but also the focus of the aluminum processing industry, but we can not be coaxed up, according to the characteristics of aluminum to determine its positioning in the aspect of automotive lightweighting." "Specifically, " aluminum in the fuel passenger cars large-scale application is still subject to certain restrictions, and in the new energy passenger cars, buses and trucks should be widely applied in large quantities, mainly to see the cost-effective ratio and different types of car technical requirements, as well as automotive design considerations. Secondly, the welding characteristics of aluminum also limit the large-scale application of aluminum in automotive lightweighting, welding technology has become the current key points and difficulties. "


From the product classification point of view, aluminum processing products are divided into deformation processing products and casting processing products in two forms. Profiles are formed by delaying process, including architectural profiles and industrial profiles. Among them, the main products of industrial aluminum profiles are the changes in different cross-sections, basically two-dimensional structure, the cost of mold relative to other technologies is relatively low. Liu Lin, on the other hand, said: "The main technical difficulties at present are the mold technology level, production efficiency and processing accuracy." "


It is worth noting that the development of aluminum alloy material has reached the bottleneck, the current further development is difficult, the new aluminum lithium alloy in the application of civil industrial materials economically uneconomical. On the future development of the product, Liu Lin said: "In the future development, industrial aluminum profiles to improve fatigue performance, stress resistance and corrosion and other special properties to meet the requirements of different industrial applications." "

"Aluminium-for-copper" advantage highlights, sparking aluminum boom in consumer electronics

Driven by consumption upgrading, consumer electronics secondary and multiple consumption has become mainstream, in this environment, enterprises pay more and more attention to the material technology of products, especially the concept of green environmental protection, in order to enhance the user experience and brand image. Therefore, aluminum alloy profiles in the home appliance industry more and more widely used, many white appliances are used with aluminum alloy parts instead of plastic parts, in line with modern consumption concepts and aesthetic standards.


At present, the mainstream television in the market is basically the use of aluminum alloy frame assembly, in air conditioning, aluminum accounted for about one-tenth of its cost structure; And with the current "aluminum generation copper" gradually rise, aluminum in white appliances in the proportion of increasing, promoting aluminum in the field of mass consumer electronics a large number of widely used.

In this regard, China Institute of Electrical Sciences, Jiangsu Province aluminum processing professional committee expert committee member, Jiangsu Jiangyin aluminum industry association expert member Wu Hougang has his own views, he said: "the rise of 'aluminum generation copper', the key lies in the cost, the current price of aluminum is only about 1/5 of the price of copper, 'aluminum generation copper' to the enterprise's direct benefit is the cost of the decline." "


In addition, he believes that "aluminum generation copper" is placed in a longer-term significance: "Because China is a poor copper-rich aluminum country, white goods consumption in the use of copper heavily dependent on imports, and the global copper resources are only enough to use for 40 years." From the point of view of energy conservation and environmental protection, "aluminum generation copper" has a broad space for development. Therefore, the research and development of aluminum alternative raw materials has become one of the future industry focus, due to the continuous progress of aluminum processing technology, aluminum performance fully meet the standard requirements of white goods, aluminum consumption continues to grow. "


Consumer electronics market has developed rapidly in recent years, and many consumer electronics products are changing the cycle of increasingly shorter cycles. In addition to the technical innovation of the product, the outer packaging of various products is also gradually changing from plastic to metal. General Manager Wu believes that the reason is that the cost of metals is falling, products are lighter, more environmentally friendly, practical and beautiful, so the collective "shell" of consumer electronics manufacturers become a craze.

Based on this, in order to meet the performance requirements of electronic products, but also pay special attention to aluminum alloy processing surface treatment links, aluminum alloy surface treatment process has many methods, such as: oxidation/anodising, coloring, electrophoresis, sand blasting, brushing, dyeing, spraying, electroplating, etc., can achieve colorful, beautiful and practical, to maximize the needs of users and the times.


Wu is particularly mentioned that multi-color inorganic coloring technology was introduced into China more than a decade ago, but because the reproducibility of coloring is more difficult to meet domestic decoration needs, it has not carried out a large-scale application. Secondly, the aluminum alloy parts in consumer electronic products small, surface treatment process is easy to control, and consumer electronics aluminum alloy is not sensitive to color dispersion. Inorganic multi-color coloring weathering is much better weather resistance than dyeing organic coloring, especially suitable for such as automotive decoration, outdoor or semi-outdoor aluminum alloy surface coloring, to meet people's rich color, good weather resistance and other personalized needs.

Implement environmental protection measures with technological innovation and enhanced management

According to relevant data, China has become the third largest packaging country after the United States and Japan, with the rapid development of aluminum industry, as well as the national economy on the green, low-carbon, sustainable development of the strong need to deal with the environmental pollution of traditional packaging materials such as plastics, reduce resource consumption, ensure food safety, etc. The demand for aluminum for packaging is increasing, and in the future, aluminum will become the best packaging material choice.

The industry is facing new opportunities, but also new challenges. To this end, packaging aluminum-related enterprises, is constantly improving and improving lean production, high-end procurement and enterprise management level, in order to achieve the sustainable development of aluminum packaging materials. At the same time, the Global Aluminum Initiative is implementing and advancing to address sustainability issues and maximize aluminum's contribution to sustainable development.


Based on this, Jiangyin Yuefeng aluminum plant Liu Jian said: "Aluminum profile processing related enterprises must attach great importance to environmental protection work, optimize industrial structure, promote the development of industrial green, and take active action." "Two measures are proposed:


(1) control the source and strengthen the control of the use of toxic and harmful raw materials.

Try to choose low-toxic harmless drugs, the production line to increase the recovery device, the tank liquid decomposition, recycling, internal recycling to improve its re-use;


(2) to promote fine management, in all aspects of processing and production to do a good job of diversion.

The different process methods and the use of additives are subdivided and treated, general solid waste and hazardous waste are sorted out, effectively controlled from the source of the source of the pollution source, and conditions are provided for back-end reduction and resource reuse.


Energy saving and environmental protection, intelligence, lightweight is still the development of aluminum profile development of the general direction, but the development of aluminum is inseparable from surface treatment, surface treatment can not only make the appearance of the product colorful, and can extend its service life, surface treatment production of nickel, aluminum hydroxide, etc. are recycled to manufacture new products. Therefore, while developing green production, we should actively explore the feasible path of resource-based by-product transformation, with technological innovation and strengthen management to implement environmental protection measures in all links.

In general, with the gradual maturity of the aluminum industry market, the current domestic is already a larger industrial aluminum profile consumption and production market, and with the rapid development of the economy and society and the aircraft, automotive industry, rail transit, shipbuilding and other industries continue to rise, industrial aluminum profiles have gradually penetrated into various fields of use. According to the market development trend, the future development trend of China's industrial aluminum will be towards high performance, high precision, energy saving, environmental protection and other directions to meet the national economy and scientific and technological innovation of high-precision industrial aluminum profile demand.


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