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Henan Yuefeng Aluminum was identified as "2023 Zhengzhou Quality Benchmark"

June 6, 2023
A few days ago, Zhengzhou Industry and Information Technology Bureau issued the "Notice on the issuance of the 2023 Zhengzhou Quality Benchmark List", Henan Yuefeng Aluminum Co., Ltd. was identified as the 2023 Zhengzhou Quality benchmark for the "implementation of customer needs based on the precise '6T' process quality control experience"!
"Experience in implementing accurate '6T' process quality control based on customer demand" is guided by customer demand, focusing on six key links such as accurate process plan planning, lean process site management, intelligent process execution control, strict process quality control, continuous process optimization, and standard solidification of process flow, and adopting PFMEA, critical control point planning and other methods. Accurately transform customer needs into implemenable, operable and detectable process solutions, and realize design prevention through "521" process planning process quality control, eliminating quality problems in the planning stage; Implement standardized operations and 6S site management; Strengthen the intelligent construction, fine control process; Monitor the data fluctuations in each stage of the production process, analyze the main factors causing fluctuations, formulate and optimize improvement measures, and constantly optimize and improve the production process to meet customer satisfaction.
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