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Guizhou Yuefeng Aluminum Technology Co., LTD. "Annual output of 300,000 tons of copper-aluminum eutectic strip production line construction" project put into operation sample

June 6, 2023
On June 2, Guizhou Yuefeng Aluminum Technology Co., LTD., "Xingren annual output of 300,000 tons of copper and aluminum eutectic plate strip production line construction" project was put into the sample, saw more than 700 degrees of high temperature electrolytic aluminum liquid into the melting furnace, with the aluminum liquid from liquid phase to solid phase conversion process synchronous introduction of copper plate strip, solid copper plate and semi-solid phase aluminum liquid through the high temperature and high pressure rolling casting roll, At the interface of the two metals, atoms permeate and crystallize together, and finally slowly "spit" out a unique copper-aluminum eutectic strip.
At this moment, the "Xingren City annual output of 100,000 tons of aluminum base alloy plate strip production line and aluminum products deep processing" project, which was put into operation in early winter three years ago, has been bearing fruit, and has formed an annual output of 80,000 tons of series aluminum discs, which is a dominant position in the domestic cookware substrate market segment. And in 2021, it will advance into the field of new energy vehicle battery production and become a new growth point. Last year, the company generated output of 1.17 billion yuan, up 17% from a year earlier. In the first quarter of this year, the output value exceeded 400 million yuan, an increase of 35%.
"The existing traditional aluminum alloy plate and strip products have low technical threshold and fierce homogenization competition. With the green and low-carbon economy, the company is committed to the development of low-carbon, lightweight, functional advanced basic materials as an effective path for high-quality sustainable development of enterprises, and realize the foundation of the company's aluminum based new material industry."
The original group found in making new energy vehicle battery shells for customers that the negative electrode connecting column of its battery was copper and aluminum composite material, mostly using friction welding technology, and its technology and equipment were imported from abroad, with high cost and low efficiency. Therefore, it is aimed at the new track of lithium batteries, starting from October last year, based on the processing of aluminum-based alloy plates and strips, extending to copper-aluminum composite plates and strips. Here, on the basis of self-technology, carefully analyze the advantages and disadvantages of other processes to produce copper-aluminum composite plates, learn from and use, overcome difficulties, break through the technical problems of solid-liquid casting and rolling forming, master the independent intellectual property rights of high-performance copper-aluminum eutectic plate strip production, the technical process is becoming more mature, and has declared 15 invention patents. Not only improves the added value, but also expands the blue Ocean market space, optimizes the allocation of resources, and extends the application field of the company's aluminum substrate strip from cookware, electrical appliances, new energy vehicle batteries to electrical, electrical, electronics, energy storage, photovoltaic, military, shipbuilding, rail transit, construction and other fields.
According to the recent testing of a domestic institution, the copper-aluminum eutectic strip produced by the company has a subversive upgrade in peel strength, current load, conductivity, tensile strength, shear strength, component density and other properties compared with the copper-aluminum composite strip produced by the traditional process. The product replaces copper with aluminum, and its performance is better than copper, which can reduce the material cost of the user's original pure copper application by about 35%, which has a great role in alleviating the status quo of more aluminum and less copper in China, promoting the national double "carbon" economy and the national scarce resource reserve strategy.
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