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Jiangyin Accelerates the Construction of National Aluminum Shape Material Inspection Center to Promote the Conversion of New and Old Kinetic Energy

June 19, 2019


Since this year, Jiangyin County has accelerated the construction of the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Aluminum Profiles and Doors and Windows Products (Jiangsu). As a key project of Jiangsu Productive Services Development Layout Plan (2018-2028), Jiangyin County is the second national quality inspection center to be established in Jiangsu Province after Wuxi National Machine Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. "The county Party committee and the county government have issued the"Opinions on Implementing High-quality Development of Aluminum Industry to Build China (Jiangyin) Aluminum Industry Capital", which has given us the pressure and motivation to speed up the construction of the national Aluminum Profile Quality Inspection Center. We will give full play to the advantages of the center and promote the national Aluminum Profile and Door and Window Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center to take the market as the guide, enhance the competitiveness of the industry and expand the industry shadow. Sound, help to build "Jiangyin Aluminum" brand, agglomerate more domestic and foreign enterprises and technology to take root in Jiangyin. Zhao Xingting, secretary and director of the Party Group of Jiangyin County Inspection and Testing Center, said in an interview.


Dare to take the lead. Aluminum industry is the dominant leading industry in Jiangyin County and plays an important role in economic development. In recent years, Jiangyin County has been focusing on cultivating 100 billion-grade high-end aluminium industry clusters, persisting in the direction of "high-end, high-quality, characteristic and environmental protection", aiming at creating "the capital of China's aluminium industry", constantly speeding up the pace of transformation and upgrading of the aluminium industry, further enhancing the overall strength and industry influence of the aluminium industry scale, and successively winning the title of "China Aluminum Profile Industry Base" and "China (Jiangnan) Aluminum Profile Industry First". County, Jiangsu Provincial Industrial Cluster, China Aluminum Capital and other honorary titles. However, the large proportion of small and medium-sized enterprises, low technological level, backward quality control means and weak R&D capabilities have greatly restricted the transformation and development of enterprises from extensive to intensive. In April 2017, Jiangyin County Inspection and Inspection Center, based on in-depth investigation and full demonstration, put forward the task objectives of building the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Aluminum Profiles and Doors and Windows Products, which was highly valued by provincial and municipal quality supervision bureaus, Wuxi City and Jiangyin County governments. The county government established the National Quality Inspection Center in time. Working Leading Group, with the strong support of the county committee and the county government, the center went to the higher authorities for instructions and reports on many occasions. During the on-site inspection by the expert group of the former AQSIQ, it fully demonstrated the advantages of Jiangyin County's production cluster, the development prospects of the Sino-European doors and windows Industrial Park and the great determination of the government to support it. The expert group considers that the project conforms to the national industrial planning and policy, meets the requirements of the major project of energy conversion between new and old in Jiangsu Province, meets the needs of upgrading and further agglomeration of the local aluminium profile industry, receives the strong support of the local government, the preparation plan described in the preparation task paper is reasonable, and agrees to build it according to the requirements of the B-level national quality inspection center. On March 14, 2018, the former General Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection officially approved the establishment of the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Aluminum Profiles and Doors and Windows Products (Jiangsu) on the basis of the Jiangyin County Inspection and Inspection Center.


Keep up with the standard and exert force accurately. After receiving the approval for the preparation, in order to change the "planning plan" into "construction plan" at the fastest speed, the county aims at the national name, elevates the benchmark and actively carries out bid-seeking and bid-raising activities, the center has successively gone to Foshan National Aluminum Material Inspection Center, Wuxi National Machine Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Dongying National Petroleum Equipment Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. In order to improve the quality and progress of work, we should learn from the advanced concepts of laboratory management, talent introduction, equipment and so on.


The center employs many professors and experts from Central South University, Jiangnan University, National Carbon Structural Steel Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and Jiangsu Quality Inspection Institute to provide technical consultation and other support for the preparation of the National Quality Inspection Center. Through sending technical backbone to domestic well-known testing institutions to study, conducting in-depth enterprise research, developing technical competition, organizing weekly business training and other measures, we can strengthen the construction of talent team and improve the quality of testing personnel. In order to enhance the technical capability of the national center, the County inspection and testing center actively participated in the CNAS laboratory accreditation and successfully passed the acceptance of the CNAS evaluation team, thus achieving the international mutual recognition of inspection and testing data.


Focus on the long term and the future. Since the former General Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection approved the preparation of the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Aluminum Profiles and Doors and Windows Products, the Jiangyin County Inspection and Inspection Center has rapidly established the National Center Project Construction Leading Group, and formulated implementation plans to promote the construction of the National Center as a whole. At present, the project has been approved, the demolition of construction land and geological exploration have been completed, and the land registration process is under way. The project construction fund of 140 million yuan has reached the intention of cooperation with China Construction Bank. The overall planning of the experimental building has been preliminarily completed by Jiangsu Provincial Architectural Design Institute, and the construction drawings are being designed. The purchase of instruments and equipment is mainly aimed at the first-line brands such as Carl, Zeiss, PE, Hitachi and Maitler. It is planned to purchase the first-class international facilities worth 20 million yuan, such as field emission scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffractometer, surface stress analyzer, stress corrosion testing machine and coordinate measuring machine. More than 50 units are available; in 2018, the center has completed the recruitment of one undergraduate, two graduate students and one senior engineer as planned. In 2019, we plan to continue to recruit one subject leader, one doctoral student, two graduate students and two high-level talents. The announcement of high-level talents recruitment has been published in Wuxi City Talent Network. It is aimed at recruiting the whole society, and the construction work has been steadily promoted according to the preparation plan. The scientific research work plan will strive to host two provincial and ministerial projects by 2021, participate in one national/industry standard system (revision), preside over two local standards, and publish SCI. Seven papers, 10 papers in Chinese core journals and 4 patents were applied for, and high-end aluminum profiles and doors and windows products were tested and developed to establish cooperative relations with universities and scientific research institutes. After the completion of the center, not only can it provide strong technical service support for the aluminium profile industry, save a large number of inspection equipment and personnel investment costs, but also can truly form a combination of production, learning and research, promote the transformation of productivity, promote the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure of aluminium profile by means of Science and technology, participate in the national standard system (revision), master the voice of the aluminium profile and doors and windows industry, and attract more aluminium profiles. The investment of upstream enterprises and processing supporting enterprises not only provides a strong guarantee for promoting the technological upgrading of the aluminium profile industry in our province, speeding up the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, but also for further enlarging and strengthening the aluminium processing industry in Linqu, building a high-end aluminium industry cluster and innovation highland with considerable influence in China's "Capital of Aluminum Industry", and realizing the aluminium profile and door and window production in this region. The high quality development of the industry provides support and guarantee.


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