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He Xu, Vice President of Lenovo Group, Visiting Yuefeng Aluminum Group

June 17, 2019

On June 13, He Xu, Vice President of Lenovo Group, led a delegation to visit Yuefeng Group Aluminum Alloy Company on the application of industrial Internet. Zhao Zengyong, deputy director of Wuxi Bureau of Industry and Information, Wang Luqiang, deputy general manager of the Group and Sun Xi, deputy general manager, accompanied the activities.


In the aluminium refinement workshop of Yuefeng Aluminum Alloy Company, the delegation had a detailed understanding of the main equipment, production process and innovative R&D work of the workshop. The highly automated production equipment had high production efficiency and accurate control accuracy, which left a deep impression on the visitors.


It is understood that the essence and core of the industrial Internet is to integrate equipment, production lines, factories, suppliers, products and customers closely through the industrial Internet platform. It can help the manufacturing industry to lengthen the industrial chain and form interconnection and interoperability across equipment, systems, factories and regions, so as to improve efficiency and promote the intellectualization of the whole manufacturing service system. At the same time, it is conducive to promoting the financing development of manufacturing industry, realizing the leap-forward development between manufacturing industry and service industry, and enabling the efficient sharing of various elements of industrial economy resources.


As a first-line aluminium profile manufacturer in China, Yuefeng Aluminum Alloy Company's main production equipment and components are from Germany and Italy, which provides a strong guarantee for the company's stable, accurate and high-quality production. At present, the company has an annual production capacity of 150,000 tons of aluminum alloy industrial profiles. It has built the world's advanced automatic melting and casting furnace and an extruder production line covering 10-125 MN, which provides a good foundation for the production of super large and high-end aluminum profiles. At the same time, Yuefeng Aluminum Alloy Company, with the advantage of industrial Internet platform, further extends the intensive processing industry chain, improves quality and efficiency, integrates innovation, and achieves considerable development in high-end aluminium industrial profiles and lightweight automobile fields. Its products are widely used in rail transit, aerospace, automobile manufacturing, electric power and other scientific and technological fields, forming high-end aluminium covering many fields. Industrial layout of the industry.


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