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Home - News - Yuefeng Aluminum Material was successfully selected as the designated brand of Aluminum Alloy Profiles for Architectural Decoration of Biguiyuan Group

Yuefeng Aluminum Material was successfully selected as the designated brand of Aluminum Alloy Profiles for Architectural Decoration of Biguiyuan Group

June 11, 2019

Following the successful selection of Yuefeng Aluminum Products into the "Chinese Government Procurement Service Network" in May and the good news of "China Building Materials 5A Products in 2019", recently, Yuefeng Aluminum Industry has received good news. After on-the-spot investigation of the company and examination in accordance with various strict internal control procedures, the Purchasing Center of Biguiyuan Group designated the company "Yuefeng" Aluminum Brand. Alloy profiles are the designated brand of aluminium alloy profiles for architectural decoration of Biguiyuan Group.


In 1989, Wuxi Yuefeng Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd., as a key industrial project in Jiangsu Province, was stationed in Wuxi National High-tech Zone "Lingang Industrial Park". It covers an area of 206677 square meters (310 mu), has registered capital of 100 million yuan and total investment of 450 million yuan. It was built and put into production in June 1993. The company has introduced advanced green environmental protection production technology of aluminium profiles at home and abroad, and has a complete production line of 100,000 tons of aluminium profiles per year. Yuefeng aluminium energy-saving building aluminium profiles industry chain has an annual output of 1 million square meters of aluminium veneer matching items. With the aim of putting into operation smoothly on March 3, 1998, the company is a modern new-type enterprise integrating research and development, production, processing and sales service of aluminium alloy profiles. At present, there are more than 600 employees, including 72 technicians and senior managers. It is one of the large and medium-sized modern aluminium alloy profiles manufacturing enterprises in China.


Yuefeng Aluminum Inc has been insisting on independent innovation. In accordance with the requirements of the national medium and long term scientific and technological development plan, relying on the Wuxi enterprise technology center and the regional engineering technology research center, it actively implements the "going out" development strategy. The company relies on the "belt and road" economic construction zone and Yuefeng company superior group Jiangsu Yuefeng science and Technology Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd. successively. Four sales companies have been set up in the UK, and many high-end exhibition halls have been invested, which has effectively promoted the development of high-tech products in overseas markets.


Yuefeng Aluminum Industry has been affirmed by Northwest Business Department of Biguiyuan by its excellent quality, fast supply and high quality service, and recommended to be listed in the headquarters brand library. From now on, New Aluminum and Aluminum Industry will provide high-quality aluminium materials for Biguiyuan in the whole country, relying on the western part of China.


After Yuefeng Aluminum was listed in the brand database of Biguiyuan Group, Yuefeng Aluminum has obvious advantages in scale, supply and response speed in the projects of southern China, North China, Central China and South China. For example, Yuefeng Aluminum Co., Ltd. provides sample aluminium materials for Jiangsu projects. From the date of receiving orders, Yuefeng Aluminum Co., Ltd. will reach Jiangsu local door and window processing plant within five days of production and delivery. Yuefeng Aluminum Co., Ltd. has become a model of high quality and efficient supply among Biguiyuan suppliers.

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