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Liupanshui promotes green and low-carbon transformation of aluminum industry

August 15, 2023
Spread Liupanshui development long volume, leisurely background color full of industrial two words. "Southwest Coal Sea", "Wumeng Steel City", "railway hub", "energy base", "China Liangdu", "National Geopark"... The crown crown, bearing the city's struggle to move forward little marks.
In February this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the "2022 annual Green Manufacturing List", among which, Shuicheng Economic Development Zone was selected as the national "green Park" list, and successfully ranked among the "national brand" green production park. Superior transportation location, high-speed, high-speed rail, airport three-dimensional transportation network east-west, north-south access, convenient transportation, low logistics costs, rich resources, raw materials, production capacity, electricity, land, transportation and other advantages are prominent...... Superior conditions carry the heart of Shuicheng District for development and future words, from "a blank sheet of paper" to "a blueprint", from "one" to "more" mutual transformation, aluminum industry cluster gives the demonstration answer of green development.
"Only 145,000 tons of electrolytic aluminum production capacity..." Compared with Qingzhen, Xingren and other places in Guizhou province, Shuicheng Economic Development Zone has no obvious advantages in electrolytic aluminum production capacity, but it has formed an aluminum industrial cluster with the smallest electrolytic aluminum production capacity in Guizhou, but the highest local conversion rate and the longest downstream industrial chain, and the "group development" of aluminum industry has given a practical path.
From the production of electrolytic aluminum in the upstream, to the processing of aluminum in the middle reaches, and then to the application of aluminum products in all walks of life in the downstream, the interlinked aluminum industry chain connects aluminum enterprises in Shuicheng District. From one development in 2016 to 49 enterprises and 55 projects now, aluminum water has been transformed into more than 50 kinds of products after four rounds of local transformation, and the Shuicheng Economic Development Zone has truly realized the "eat dry and squeeze net" of aluminum, and in 2022, the aluminum industry in the Shuicheng Economic Development Zone has achieved an output value of 11.23 billion yuan, which is more determined to develop industrial clusters.
As the park's electrolytic aluminum leader, Shuangyuan Aluminum provides liquid aluminum raw materials for more than 80% of the park's electrolytic aluminum upstream and downstream related enterprises, the expansion of production capacity means the increase of related emissions, in 2017, with the increase in production capacity, the enterprise emission standard is close to the national standard critical value. To break through the shackles of development, as a "leader", in 2017, Shuangyuan Aluminum took the lead in launching the environmental protection transformation plan.
In the past six years, Shuangyuan Aluminum has invested hundreds of millions of yuan in environmental protection transformation, and built two sets of electrolytic flue gas purification systems and production water circulation systems, which can achieve ultra-low emissions of aluminum water production gas waste and low emissions of sewage. Annual emissions of sulfur dioxide can be reduced by 630 tons, particulate matter 130 tons, and fluoride 40 tons.
Driven by the "leading", a number of aluminum enterprises in the park spontaneously started environmental protection transformation funds for environmental reform. Enterprises through the processing workshop built in the double aluminum plant, in order to share emission reduction equipment, common emission indicators, to achieve the purpose of common harmonious development, "cost reduction, energy consumption reduction, savings of funds can be fully used for product research and development, now we can more freely enter the deep processing of aluminum wire!" Zhang Zeyong, head of aluminum wire deep processing enterprise Anrunji Company, was full of praise.
Around the collection and utilization of renewable resources of aluminum and the interaction between aluminum enterprises, the Shuicheng Economic development Zone continues to "supplement the chain", "strong chain" and "extended chain" in accordance with the requirements of "replenishing the weak board, enhancing the research and development capacity, and making the aluminum industry bigger and stronger". "At present, relying on the existing production line, we introduce advanced technical services, plan the production of solar panel frame profiles, and further broaden the aluminum industry chain of the park." Guizhou Province "specialized special new little giant" "high-tech" enterprise Guizhou 19 degree Aluminum Technology Co., LTD.
In the past three years, the carbon emissions of Shuicheng Economic development Zone have decreased from 2.16 million tons in 2020 to 1.51 million tons in 2022; Nitrogen oxide emissions fell from 867 tonnes to 785 tonnes; Sulfur dioxide emissions fell from 1,514 tons to 1,050 tons... The added value of green industry in the park increased from 1.73 billion yuan to 1.76 billion yuan. With the orderly promotion of the second phase of the technical transformation project of Shuangyuan Aluminum, the rest of the aluminum enterprises in the park have also entered this green journey and made every effort to build a green circular economy system.
Point "aluminum" to "gold" and change "aluminum" to "green". Under the "double carbon" goal, the green economy blows through the aluminum industry in Shuicheng District, and the development and production of photovoltaic solar energy products has become a new direction of industrial development. "The company will combine the national new energy policy, concentrate all the company's scientific research and technical talents, fully develop and produce photovoltaic solar products, fill the gap in the local aluminum industry chain, and achieve new growth points of profits." Guizhou 19 degrees aluminum technology Co., Ltd. production director Huang Sheng said.
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