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Longkou City adheres to the innovation drive to promote the green and high-quality development of high-end aluminum material industry

August 15, 2023
A few days ago, 2023 Provincial characteristic Industrial cluster development work conference and digital transformation service line (Taian Station) was held, Longkou City Industry and Information Technology Bureau on behalf of Longkou City transportation aluminum industry cluster attended the meeting, and made an exchange speech on the theme of "Building an international world-class high-end transportation aluminum material industrial cluster". The paper comprehensively introduces the basic situation of the characteristic industry cluster of transportation aluminum in Longkou City, and the development effect of high-end, comprehensive and green, which has been fully affirmed by the provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology.
Longkou City focuses on the province's "top ten" industries, adheres to policy guidance and scientific planning, lists the high-end aluminum material industry as the first of the ten industries created by gravity in the city, and actively promotes the construction and development of high-end transportation aluminum industry clusters. Set up a special class for high-end aluminum industry (chain), and set up the Longkou Puhui small and medium-sized enterprise service Center to gather all kinds of resources for cluster small and medium-sized enterprises and provide one-stop, professional and comprehensive services.
As the leading industry of Longkou City, the high-end aluminum industrial cluster has obvious advantages. It is the only cluster in the country that supplies aluminum materials components to Boeing, Airbus and other aircraft manufacturers in bulk. The planned area is about 90 square kilometers, and there are 243 transportation aluminum production and related enterprises, including 140 key small and medium-sized enterprises. In recent years, Longkou City has given full play to the advantages of scientific and technological innovation of the main enterprises of the cluster chain and strengthened scientific research. Nanshan Aluminum Industry, as a leading backbone enterprise of the high-end aluminum material industry cluster, has participated in the research and development of the domestic large aircraft C919 since March 2017. After seven years of hard work, it has successfully broken through the core key technology of aluminum profile used in domestic aviation wing girder.
Longkou City has deepened the cooperation of "industry, university, research and administration", vigorously strengthened the construction of cluster innovation platform, strengthened core technology research and innovation, established strategic cooperative relations with well-known research institutes and well-known enterprises at home and abroad, and actively carried out international exchanges and cooperation. It has successively developed the "100MN oil pressure double action aluminum extrusion production technology and equipment development" technology, which has won the first prize of National science and technology Progress, and included in the "aluminum liquid short process alloying and plastic forming processing key technology" of the national science and technology support plan. Relying on Huawei One Park digital empowerment, build a cloud computing and big data talent training base for the Bohai Rim, focus on 5G, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, intelligent equipment manufacturing and other aspects, build cluster data resources, data applications and data platforms, promote cluster digital upgrading, and accelerate green and low-carbon development.
At present, the comprehensive strength of high-end aluminum industry in Longkou ranks first in similar industrial clusters in the country, of which aluminum in aviation transportation and aluminum in rail transit rank first in the country. "Longkou transportation aluminum industry has entered the high-quality development of the fast lane, we will seize the high-end, green, low-carbon high-quality development of major opportunities, the cluster will be built into a national first-class, world-famous transportation aluminum processing high-tech industrialization base, for the province and even the country's transportation aluminum industry high-quality development to make Longkou contribution."
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