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Qingzhen aluminum industry regathers new kinetic energy

July 24, 2023
Discarded aluminum foil, cans, car wheels and some scraps produced in the process of aluminum processing, these difficult to deal with waste in life, here transformed into a new aluminum alloy raw materials, are transported to downstream enterprises.
"Our furnace for casting alloy is called double-chamber furnace, which is one of the current domestic furnace types. The raw materials after grinding enter from the whirlpool well, which is more energy saving and environmental protection." GUI Aluminum New Materials Co., Ltd. recycled aluminum division deputy general manager Meng Yinggang said that since the trial production on May 5 this year, the recycled aluminum division has produced more than 4,000 tons of aluminum ingots, sold more than 3,000 tons, three lines through, to meet the needs of different customers of aluminum alloy.
It is understood that the recycled aluminum project will start construction at the end of 2021 in Qingzhen Wangzhuang Aluminum intensive processing Industrial Park, with a total investment of 460 million yuan and 117 acres of construction land. With the third production line put into operation on June 29, it marks the completion of the production capacity of the recycled aluminum division of Guizhou Guialuminum New Materials Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 50,000 tons of aluminum alloy round ingots, 60,000 tons of cast aluminum alloy ingots and 40,000 tons of aluminum alloy liquid. The project is expected to achieve annual sales revenue of nearly 2.7 billion yuan, tax revenue of more than 30 million yuan, and provide more than 240 jobs.
In recent years, relying on the advantages of aluminum resources in Qingzhen City and the location advantages of aluminum intensive processing park, Guizhou Guigual New Materials Co., LTD., combined with the stock industry, has made great efforts in the intensive processing of aluminum plate and foil and the recycled aluminum business segment of circular economy. It has completed the production capacity of 150,000 tons of cast-rolled plate strip with an annual output, built the recycled aluminum project with an annual output of 150,000 tons, and built the aluminum foil project with an annual output of 30,000 tons. Together to form a closed-loop green cycle aluminum industry chain, promote the aluminum industry cluster into a potential.
The recycled aluminum industry is of great practical significance to alleviate national resource constraints, reduce environmental pressure and develop green circular economy. According to statistics, after the normal operation of the recycled aluminum project, 170,000 tons of aluminum solid waste can be consumed every year.
As an important project for aluminum and aluminum processing, the annual output of 150,000 tons of recycled aluminum project will make Qingzhen Aluminum Industrial Park form a closed-loop green recycling aluminum industry chain, which is also of great significance for promoting the construction of a hundred-billion-level ecological recycling aluminum industrial park in Guiyang GUI 'an.
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