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Quality choice - Yuefeng Aluminum Technology

June 25, 2023
Quality choice - Yuefeng Aluminum Technology
High quality escort
Our Mission:
To provide customers with stronger, safer and lighter materials, committed to each batch of products have the same quality, for every car (aircraft, train) safety escort, speed up to create the possibility.
Synchronous development service
We provide our customers with comprehensive solution development services from material selection, process design, packaging design and logistics storage.
Full aluminum process chain
We provide our customers with a complete process chain for aluminum processing from aluminum alloy smelting and casting to extrusion molding and extension manufacturing. In the automotive, aviation, rail transit and other fields, we can meet the delivery requirements of high-performance structural parts and safety parts.
Quality management system
We are always committed to ensuring that the quality of our products reaches the international level in accordance with the strictest standards in various fields, in order to meet the expectations of our customers for our products and services.
Strength and commitment
We regard quality as our life and unswervingly move towards "zero defect".
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