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The application of aluminum in rail transit

June 25, 2023
The application of aluminum in rail transit improves the payload of rail trains, saves fuel and reduces vehicle maintenance costs. Due to the weight reduction, the rail train has a good adaptability to high-speed, multi-curved, undulating routes and harsh environments, and the operation is easier to control and more stable. Under normal circumstances, high-speed trains that exceed 250 kilometers per hour are made of aluminum alloy. For example, China's CRH series of high-speed rail is basically made of aluminum alloy.
Aluminum alloy materials are widely used in rail transit, which can be used to make car bodies such as roof, side walls, floors, etc., and can also be used to make small accessories such as luggage racks, doors, pedals, water tanks, etc. In order to reduce the dead weight of the car body and the effective degree of sealing of the chartered car body, the train cars greater than 350km/h are all used aluminum profiles except the chassis. The aluminum alloy car body used in urban rail customer cars is not only lightweight, but also has the characteristics of spacing sealing, corrosion resistance and beautiful appearance. At present, the weight of the high-speed aluminum alloy car body is 8.5-10 tons/vehicle, and the aluminum alloy material used in the interior is about 1 ton/vehicle.
Rail transit products
Based on high performance aluminum manufacturing experience, long-term continuous research and development investment, more stringent process control standards, we provide customers in the field of rail transit with light, strength and durability excellent aluminum products, committed to improve
Structural safety performance of the car body.
The products we offer include:
Extruded pipes and profiles, such as pipes for thermal management systems, seat frames, chassis components, etc.
It can meet customers' customized performance requirements in terms of strength, precision tolerance, fatigue strength, corrosion resistance, etc.
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