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Refuse price war to sell the whole world by "quality"​

October 18, 2019

Abstract: "the development of Yuefeng Aluminum Plant never depends on the price war, but on the strategy of winning by quality." Wu Wei said that Yuefeng Aluminum factory has been exporting since 2005, ranking in the top three in the industry for many years, and its products sell well in Europe and the United States, Australia, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and other regions.


Recently, Jiangsu Yuefeng Aluminum Factory Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yuefeng Aluminum Factory") won the Wuxi Municipal Government quality Award in 2019, which is the highest quality honor award established by the Wuxi Municipal Government. Prior to this, Yuefeng Aluminum Plant won the 2018 New District Government quality Award Organization Award, which is the strength of the government and the community to recognize the quality of Yuefeng aluminum products and services.


"Last year, Yuefeng Aluminum Plant won the New District Government quality Award, which greatly enhanced our brand awareness, so we also launched an impact on the municipal government quality award, compared with various indicators to require enterprises to improve product quality." Liu Lin, deputy general manager of Yuefeng Aluminum Plant, said that the Wuxi Municipal Government quality Award is not the end point, and the company will continue to improve the product quality level of the enterprise and launch an impact on the Jiangsu Provincial Government quality Award and the China quality Award.


Founded in 1992, Yuefeng Aluminum Plant started from one extruder to now has two factories and more than 3000 employees. Its production of Yuefeng aluminum is among the top 20 aluminum products in China, and has experienced ups and downs in more than 20 years of development. Yuefeng Aluminum Factory has always adhered to the way of winning by quality, refused the price war, and sold all over the world by "quality".

Win Yuefeng Aluminum products by quality and sell well all over the World

Manufacturing industry is the root of Wuxi, ingenuity is the soul of Wuxi manufacturing industry. In order to encourage enterprises to improve quality and efficiency and achieve high-quality development, Wuxi heavy award won the quality award of the government at all levels. For example, enterprises and institutions that have won the China quality Award and the China quality Award nomination Award for the first time shall be given special subsidies of 5 million yuan and 3 million yuan respectively for one-time brand promotion. For the enterprises and institutions that have won the Jiangsu Provincial Government quality Award and the Wuxi Municipal Government quality Award for the first time, special subsidies for one-time brand promotion shall be given respectively according to the amount of provincial and municipal awards at 1:1.


"the development of Yuefeng Aluminum Plant never depends on the price war, but on the strategy of winning by quality." Liu Lin said that Yuefeng Aluminium Factory has been exporting since 2005, ranking in the top three in the industry for many years, and its products sell well in Europe and the United States, Australia, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and other regions.


As we all know, in order to achieve global export, products need to pass the testing certification of different countries. In order to meet the export requirements, Yuefeng Aluminum Plant has successively passed ISO9OO1, ISO14000, ISO18000, production safety standardization certification, the main products through the EU Quali-coat, Qualanod certification, China energy-saving products, EU CE certification and other certification.


Behind these achievements, it comes from a set of strict quality management system of Yuefeng aluminum. In 2013, Yuefeng Aluminum Plant officially introduced excellent performance management, quality management rose to a new height. "quality is the life of the enterprise. Yuefeng's corporate culture is honest, efficient, pragmatic and enterprising. In fact, we have always done so." Liu Lin said that from the selection of suppliers, the determination of incoming materials, the management and control of the process, after-sales service, monitoring, and the management of testing equipment, Yuefeng Aluminum Plant has strict self-requirements higher than the standards of the industry, in order to ensure product quality. The company implements the "three inspection system" of the combination of first inspection, self-inspection and special inspection to ensure the quality of the products.

Quality first and Establishment of Total quality Management Mechanism

In the production workshop of Yuefeng Aluminum Plant, bundles of decorative aluminum profiles to be used in furniture are transported to various locations of the plant under the transport of fully automatic transport equipment. These finished aluminum profiles will be sent to Vihear furniture, European home, Sophia and other customers.


"the purpose of not having to move by hand is not to save manpower, but to pursue higher product quality." Decorative aluminum profiles have very high requirements for surface treatment, to avoid manual transportation is to reduce the possibility of aluminum profiles being scratched as much as possible.


At the same time, different from other aluminum profiles, Yuefeng Aluminum Plant implements a 100% quality inspection system for decorative aluminum profiles. Each piece of aluminum profile has to be strictly inspected to ensure high quality. "even if the full inspection system will lead to an increase in production costs, it will not affect our pursuit of product quality." Liu Lin said.


Decorative aluminum profiles are only a microcosm of the practice of "quality first" in Yuefeng Aluminum Plant. Since its establishment in 1992, Yuefeng Aluminum has been taking "making first-class products" as its purpose and firmly establishing the concept of quality first. Wang Guohua, chairman of Yuefeng Aluminum Plant Group, often said, "only when everyone is familiar with the quality, is willing to improve the quality, and takes the initiative to seek ways to improve the quality of the products can the product quality be effectively guaranteed for a long time."


At the same time, Yuefeng Aluminum Plant has also established a total quality management mechanism and a practice improvement system dominated by PDCA cycle from five main factors affecting quality, such as "man-machine material ring". Since 2015, Yuefeng has carried out QC team (quality Control Group) activities to encourage employees to take the initiative to identify problems in enterprise production. Over the past four years, the QC team has achieved remarkable results, with employees accounting for about 1/3 of the total number of enterprises, and effective solutions have been formed for nearly 100 problems.

"in the company, up to the chairman, down to the average employee, the concept of 'quality first' has penetrated into everyone's daily work." Liu Lin said.

Invest a lot of money to improve the quality with scientific and technological innovation

Since May last year, a series of maglev trains have begun to pass through Changsha, using the "conductive rail" developed and produced by Yuefeng Aluminum Plant, a new type of industrial profile used in maglev train tracks. Is the aluminum profile industry from the construction profile to the industrial profile of the cutting-edge products, the current industry can make this product is not much.

"in the past, the highest conductivity in the industry was 56%, and we took a long time to develop and eventually increased the conductivity to more than 57%." Liu Lin said that despite the 1% increase, it is very helpful to reduce power transmission and improve the speed of trains.

Scientific and technological innovation is an important driving force for quality improvement. Yuefeng Aluminum Plant is never stingy in terms of enterprise innovation investment. Liu Lin said that Yuefeng Aluminum Plant set up a technology center as early as 2006. On this basis, the Yuefeng Innovation Center was set up in 2014. The company has more than 100 people in the R & D team. It has also established industry-university-research cooperation with Central South University, South China University of Technology and other domestic universities and high-level scientific research institutions. "Last year, we invested more than 40 million yuan in innovation and research and development."

High standards produce high quality. As of last year, Yuefeng Aluminum Plant has participated in the revision of 17 national standards and 6 industry standards, which is one of the largest participation standards in the industry.


In recent years, the momentum of industrial aluminum is strong, all-aluminum home gradually rise, Yuefeng aluminum plant actively open up new areas. Liu Lin revealed that in the future, the company's key development direction, first, in the industrial aluminum to deep processing, finishing development, and second, to the downstream of aluminum profiles, actively to finished doors and windows and other high value-added areas.


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