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Wuxi: promoting the High quality Development of Aluminum Industry in the whole City

October 23, 2019
Aluminum industry is the leading and pillar industry in the high-quality development of Wuxi industry, but after nearly 20 years of development, there are still many bottlenecks in resource allocation, cost price, industrial chain matching and so on. To this end, the second research group of the 2019 training course for young and middle-aged cadres selected the subject of "High quality Development of Aluminum Industry" in conjunction with municipal departments such as the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the Development and Reform Commission, and the Bureau of Natural Resources. Jiangyin, Yixing and other counties (cities, districts) and relevant aluminum-related enterprises to visit, discussion, investigation, in-depth understanding of the current situation of the development of the aluminum industry in the city, around how to promote the high-quality development of the aluminum industry in the future. Combined with the reality of the investigation, the following suggestions are put forward.
I. Scientific planning and development of resources to promote the effective utilization of aluminum ores
At present, the proven reserves of bauxite in the city are 709 million tons, and the prospective reserves are about 1 billion tons, accounting for more than 1/3 of the total reserves in the country. Based on the annual average mining and separation of 20 million tons of bauxite and the remaining 350 million tons of reserves, it is expected that it can be mined for another 20 years or so. If the mining volume continues to expand, the mining time will be shortened, and the aluminum industry in the city will face the problem of shortage of mine resources and insufficient reserves.
In the long run, the scientific development and rational allocation of bauxite resources is becoming more and more important and urgent. In view of this, it is suggested that: first, we should strengthen the regulation and control of bauxite mining scale and improve the level of comprehensive utilization of mineral resources. Combined with the total amount of bauxite mining in the city, all alumina production enterprises should formulate mining plans for 5 years, 10 years and 20 years, and strictly implement quantitative mining with limited production. We should establish and improve the development and management mechanism of bauxite resources, improve the utilization rate of bauxite resources, prolong the mining life of bauxite in Wuxi, and increase the comprehensive utilization of low-grade bauxite resources. Second, it is necessary to increase the exploration of bauxite resources, increase the investment of prospecting funds, introduce advanced prospecting equipment and technical personnel, and earnestly ensure the protection and utilization of mineral resources. Third, to adjust the basic farmland, to the extent permitted by the conditions, and on the premise of meeting the land planning and mining conditions, apply for the adjustment of the scope of the basic farmland so that the mining area within the scope of the basic farmland has the mining conditions. Fourth, we should make use of foreign mineral resources as reserves, carry out the integrated development of cross-border bauxite resources, encourage local enterprises to make use of foreign bauxite and use foreign bauxite in proportion to the bauxite in the area, so as to ensure the sustainable development of Wuxi aluminum industry. Fifth, the use of renewable resources as a supplement. Sixth, we will resolutely crack down on illegal acts of stealing mines, step up joint law enforcement efforts, and crack down on illegal mining activities with heavy punches.
2, adjust and optimize the allocation of resources and strive to improve the local conversion rate of alumina
In 2018, the output of alumina in the city was 8.17 million tons, the output of electrolytic aluminum was 1.43 million tons, and the local conversion rate of alumina reached 34.3%. There is still a big gap from the goal of "striving to achieve 80% in-situ conversion of alumina and more than 80% in-situ transformation of electrolytic aluminum" put forward at the conference of high-quality industrial development and "second entrepreneurship" of aluminum industry in Wuxi. Therefore, in order to achieve higher quality development of aluminum industry, efforts must be made to solve the problem of low local conversion of alumina. Suggestions: first, to explore the establishment of a price linkage mechanism for alumina and electrolytic aluminum, and to set up trading guarantee funds for the aluminum industry, specifically for the collection and storage of alumina and electrolytic aluminum, when the prices of alumina and electrolytic aluminum are pulled down, To form a benign price linkage mechanism of alumina and electrolytic aluminum; The second is to strive for urban support to set up an alumina resource regulation fund for the sale of alumina outside Wuxi; The third is to set up an aluminum industry trading platform, enhance the market influence of Wuxi aluminum industry, actively create a spot trading platform for bulk aluminum commodities, and at the same time speed up the development of modern logistics and reduce the logistics cost of the aluminum industry.
3. Focus on intensive processing and strive to promote the upgrading of aluminum products
At present, Wuxi aluminum industry chain is basically formed, but aluminum processing products still belong to the category of primary raw materials, low scientific and technological content, low added value, weak market competition, no brand. Enhancing the added value of aluminum products can greatly improve the income and competitiveness of aluminum products, and even promote the upgrading of the whole aluminum industry.
Therefore, in order to achieve high-quality development of the aluminum industry, enhance the added value of aluminum products, and vigorously develop aluminum fine and deep processing is the main direction of the aluminum industry to move towards the middle and high end. First, we will vigorously introduce aluminum intensive processing projects and vigorously develop high-end aluminum materials, focusing on high value-added industrial profiles, medium-and high-end building profiles, rail transit aluminum products, and so on. Make up for the shortcomings of the aluminum industry chain to form a new kinetic energy. The second is to strengthen the development and research and development of aluminum precision and deep processing industry and improve the ability of technological innovation. Create an aluminum industry production, learning and research platform, and strive to carry out aluminum deep processing, comprehensive utilization of resources and other topics with the scientific research institutes of the industry. We will speed up the establishment of a technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body, market-oriented and in-depth integration of production, learning and research.
4. Promoting the Development of Industrial clusters and striving to enhance the Competitiveness of products
At present, the current situation of "scattered, weak and small" aluminum industry in the whole city is more obvious, the problem of short board of characteristic aluminum industry chain is prominent, and there are the problems of repeated construction, industrial similarity and disorderly competition. For example, Jiangyin City, 65 aluminum-related enterprises, including 20 large and medium-sized enterprises, 45 small enterprises, mainly producing aluminum profiles, aluminum ingots, aluminum bars and other aluminum products, of which the same products reached about 30 enterprises. Other counties (cities, districts) also have such problems.
The development of industrial agglomeration is an important way to enlarge the total amount of industrial economy and promote the development of high quality industry. Therefore, to highlight the development of aluminum industry clusters, suggestions are as follows: first, to enlarge and strengthen a number of leading enterprises, to support the introduction and cultivation of a number of leading enterprises; At the same time, around Chinalco, Baishan, Yuefeng and other leading enterprises, vigorously develop aluminum intensive processing, extend the layout of the industrial chain, improve industrial concentration and comprehensive supporting capacity. The second is to promote the agglomeration development of industrial parks, adhere to the principle of scale and intensification, integrate, optimize and upgrade all kinds of existing industrial parks, and optimize the layout of the park. Carry on the resource integration to the park with adjacent spatial location and similar industrial direction, so as to avoid the situation of repeated construction and disorderly competition. Third, we should strengthen the construction of the standard system and brand management system, encourage enterprises to actively carry out brand creation, create industry brands with distinctive characteristics and outstanding advantages, and encourage aluminum processing enterprises in the city to establish brand alliances.
5, adhere to giving priority to green development and strive to build an ecological circular economy system
At present, the city's aluminum industry mainly depends on alumina, electrolytic aluminum and other resource-based industries, the number of high energy-consuming enterprises accounts for more than 70% of the total number of industrial enterprises, resource consumption, pollutant emissions, facing increasing environmental pressure. In the investigation, it is found that the environmental problems caused by mining wasteland have become increasingly prominent, mining wasteland reclamation and ecological reconstruction has become an important problem. For example, Yixing bauxite goaf area is relatively large, nearly 20,000 mu of land has not yet been returned to the people, the problem of mine reclamation has become one of the problems that need to be solved urgently.
In view of the difficult problem of mine reclamation, various counties (cities and districts) are also actively exploring the work of land reclamation, and preliminary results have been achieved. For example, Jiangyin County innovated the mining temporary land use system, took the lead in implementing topsoil stripping and reuse to promote the intensive use of the ecological environment, and effectively protected cultivated land, which was notified and praised by the State Council.
Green development is the inherent requirement of high quality development of industry. therefore, it is suggested that: first, it is necessary to further explore the new mechanism of mine reclamation so as to form a highly feasible, replicable and referable experience to be popularized in the whole city. Second, it is necessary to vigorously develop circular economy, actively build an ecological circular industrial chain, and create an industrial chain for deep processing of resources, tailings, and comprehensive utilization of "three wastes" (waste water, waste gas, and waste residue). Third, it is necessary to speed up the recycling transformation of the park, promote central heating, gas supply, warehousing, and distribution, and promote the unified treatment of garbage, sewage, and waste. We will support key parks to create state-level circular economy demonstration parks, autonomous district-level circular economy demonstration parks and eco-industrial demonstration parks. Fourth, we should strengthen ecological priority and green development, establish a compensation mechanism for the development of bauxite resources, set up compensation funds for bauxite ecological resources, promote comprehensive land reclamation, restore land vegetation and ecology, and so on.
6. Further optimize the business environment and strive to speed up the development of aluminum-related enterprises
At present, the whole city is vigorously carrying out "optimizing the business environment to break through the year" and breaking through the bottlenecks of enterprises to solve difficult problems, which is conducive to creating an environment and conditions for the high-quality development of the aluminum industry. The main problems encountered by enterprises are: first, financing is difficult, financing is expensive. Second, the elements of investment are not complete, especially the problem of land supply, and the examination and approval of industrial land indicators is faced with the problems of few indicators, slow adjustment of regulations, and difficulties in examination and approval. For aluminum secondary entrepreneurship, emerging industries and other major projects are still lack of more in line with the development of the actual administrative examination and approval policy mechanism. Third, there is a shortage of technical professional resources. Fourth, the project examination and approval is slow, the procedure is tedious, the progress is slow.
How to solve the above outstanding problems, suggestions: first, to set up an aluminum industry development fund to reduce the financing cost of enterprises. Strengthening the linkage of finance and finance and giving full play to the tripartite role of government, banks and enterprises can alleviate the difficulty of industrial financing and the problem of expensive financing. The second is to increase the tilt in the land index. We will promote the integration of multiple regulations, step up efforts to promote the overall planning of the autonomous region to promote the land verification and cancellation system for major industrial projects, and effectively improve the efficiency of land use in the park. We will speed up the arrangement, examination and approval of industrial land use indicators, and establish green channels for the examination and approval of major investment projects. Third, we should explore the establishment of a flexible flow and sharing mechanism for high-level talents, attach importance to the training and introduction of high-level technology development and management personnel, and create a small highland of talents in professional fields. The fourth is to enhance the service guarantee capacity of government departments. We will carry out in-depth action to "strive for elements, solve difficult problems, and promote development," and continue to establish leadership and departmental contact parks, and enterprise work systems to do a good job in coordination and service in a timely manner. Actively promote "Internet + government service" to improve the efficiency of examination and approval. Reduce the cost of enterprises in the real economy and effectively reduce the burden on enterprises.
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