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Shangfang "four efforts" to promote the aluminum processing products industry to improve quality and efficiency

June 9, 2023
Aluminum and aluminum deep processing industry is one of the six major industrial leading industries in Zhengzhou, and it is also a traditional advantage industry in the upper district. The street will seize the advantages of high market concentration of aluminum industry, good growth of enterprises, and strong processing power, so as to enlarge and strengthen the industrial chain of aluminum processed products and promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure.
Efforts to support the transformation and development of Chinalco Zhengzhou enterprises. First, strengthen the connection with Chinalco, establish a joint working class of the street district and Chinalco, establish a regular work promotion mechanism, support and guide Chinalco Zhengzhou enterprises to accelerate the development and utilization of inefficient assets, actively introduce new industries, and promote the sound development of enterprises. Improve the joint meeting system of the factory, establish a work promotion mechanism, collect and sort out existing problems, establish a work ledger, coordinate and promote the solution of problems. The second is to actively strive for the support of Chinalco Group, strive for Chinalco headquarters to put more resources, funds and projects in Chinalco Zhengzhou Enterprise, accelerate the transformation and development of Chinalco Zhengzhou enterprise, increase the proportion of fine alumina production, focus on the development of aerospace special aluminum, rail transit aluminum and other aluminum deep processing, and promote high value-added, intelligent manufacturing, environmental protection industry projects. The third is to give full play to the advantages of the National Aluminum Smelting Engineering Technology Research Center of Aluminum Zhengzhou Research Institute, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological research and development achievements, and cultivate high-growth new material enterprises such as Zhengzhou Light Yan Alloy Technology Co., LTD.
Efforts to accelerate the extension of high-end alumina chain. The first is to actively guide the aluminum mining industry from the production of alumina to expand the production scale of non-metallurgical alumina, develop new alumina products, and gradually reduce the output of metallurgical grade alumina products. The second is to support Tianma, Yufa high-tech materials, Yufa fine porcelain, light alloy, Xinxin Aluminum, Yuli Industry and other enterprises, focusing on ceramics, electronic appliances, refractory materials, abrasives and other fields of application of non-metallurgical alumina, the standard Sumitomo, Showa, Anmai, Fujilai and other international advanced enterprise alumina products, play α alumina, a variety of alumina and other products of technical advantages, Overcome the development and production of gallium series products. Continue to expand the production scale of special alumina, ceramic alumina and other alumina products. The third is to extend the high-purity alumina product chain, actively layout the recycled aluminum industry, and constantly promote the extension of aluminum from raw materials to new materials and high-end equipment.
We will strive to promote the development of downstream aluminum processing industries. First, relying on light alloy research, dry and mechanical and electrical, vigorously develop aviation forging (military-civilian integration) supporting processing fields. Focusing on aluminum alloy castings, the development of aerospace precision casting and forging parts; Guided by the application of high-end aluminum alloy new materials, it focuses on the development of super-scale, high-performance and high value-added military products, meets the national strategic needs, vigorously develops aluminum alloy parts for ships and other equipment, and develops imported aluminum alloy parts replacement products in the military field. Second, relying on the existing aluminum processing enterprises such as Yaodin Industry, vigorously develop the aluminum field of high-end green buildings and smart home appliances. Focus on supporting enterprises to develop new aluminum formwork, environmental protection building envelope products, high-end doors and Windows, high-end aluminum curtain wall, household appliances aluminum plate and other green aluminum industry. Third, relying on Guangyuan battery materials, vigorously develop aluminum plate and foil products for new energy batteries, and gradually expand and enrich new material products for green energy-saving projects.
Efforts to build a supporting R & D platform for aluminum industry chain. First, give full play to the innovation capabilities of R&D platforms such as the National Aluminum Smelting Engineering Technology Research Center of Zhengzhou Nonferrous Metals Research Institute and the Engineering Technology Research Center of high-purity Gallium Material Development of Chalco Mining, integrate superior scientific research resources, explore the scientific research cooperation mechanism among enterprise scientific research institutes, and form a feedback innovation model for R&D design and manufacturing application. Efforts to overcome high purity, ultra-fine, high sintering activated alumina powder preparation technology, new energy storage materials for fine alumina manufacturing technology, high-performance alumina fiber and composite materials, high purity gallium preparation technology and other problems, and constantly improve the innovation strength of aluminum industry. Second, relying on Zhengzhou Light Alloy Technology Co., LTD., to build the Henan Aerospace Materials Research Institute, from the basic frontier, major common key technologies to the application demonstration of the whole chain of innovative design and integrated organization implementation, will accelerate the latest results of the basic frontier of innovation downstream penetration and leadership, promote the transformation and upgrading of the upper block manufacturing industry.
The next step is to seize the opportunity to accelerate the development of the industrial chain of aluminum processed products, actively promote the transformation and development of aluminum Zhengzhou enterprises, find out the number of "build chain", cultivate enterprises "stable chain", precise investment "extension chain", project construction "supplement chain", innovation-driven "integration chain", factor guarantee "strong chain", and further extend and strengthen the industrial chain of aluminum processed products in the street. Build a support system for the whole chain.
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