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The new industrial concentration area of Jiangnan of Anhui River is striving to build the largest industrial aluminum-based product production base in the Yangtze River Delta

May 29, 2023
Since the introduction of the first aluminum based new material enterprise in 2015, Jiangnan Anhui emerging Industry concentration Zone has introduced a number of enterprises with strong strength, new technology and willingness to expand in accordance with the goal of building a production base of the whole industrial chain. Up to now, 36 aluminum-based and related industrial projects have settled down, and gradually formed a relatively complete industrial chain from upper and middle reaches of aluminum-based to downstream terminal products. At present, the concentration area is focusing on the field of aluminum and magnesium alloy, and building a strategic emerging industrial base of light alloy materials integrating "raw material regeneration, extrusion, flat tying, casting, forging and precision", and moving towards the goal of being the largest industrial aluminum base production base in the Yangtze River Delta.
It is understood that in view of the current lack of tens of billions of leading enterprises to support and drive, financial support is not enough, the industrial level is not high realistic problems, the concentration area to maintain concentration, in accordance with the overall goal of "build light alloy material strategic emerging industrial base", unswervingly magnesium, aluminum base material as the leading industry to focus on cultivation, Promote the project to start construction as soon as possible, put into operation to achieve efficiency, form a scale. At the same time, to solve the problem of "good", strictly control the entry of projects, and strive to achieve quantitative accumulation to qualitative breakthrough, project agglomeration to the formation of industry. ??
At the same time, the new industrial concentration area in Jiangnan of Anhui River strengthens precise investment, takes the action guide of leading industries to build a circle and strong chain as the guide, compares the well-known light alloy material enterprise map, upstream and downstream supporting subdivided industry categories and their leading enterprises, identifies the key introduction enterprises, guides the investment entities to carry out precise investment, and improves the industrial chain and value chain. Focus on the industry leading enterprises, speed up the cultivation of An, Haoyuan, Yuefeng Aluminum and other key enterprises, with the capital, innovation and order ability of leading enterprises, drive the existing aluminum base enterprises to the automobile lightweight, photovoltaic solar energy, rail transit dominated by the deep processing transformation and upgrading, strive to 2030, the region's total output value of aluminum base new materials exceeded 50 billion yuan, It has become the largest industrial aluminum base production base in the Yangtze River Delta. ??
Industrial development cannot be achieved without innovation drive. While introducing related industries, Jiangnan Wanjiang emerging Industry concentration Zone gives full play to the role of platforms such as aluminum Association, light alloy New material Industry Research Institute, aluminum base material industry technology innovation strategic alliance and light alloy Inspection and testing Center to support aluminum base enterprises to jointly establish a national experimental center. Establish a collaborative innovation system with well-known scientific research institutes, continue to improve product development and innovation capabilities, and strive to have 3-5 innovative products in the national leading level by 2025.
In addition, in order to maintain the development momentum of the new aluminum materials industry, the Jiangnan emerging industry concentration area of Wanjiang insists on the combination of large and strong recruitment and new selection, highlighting the project investment volume, scientific and technological content, contribution quality orientation, and striving to ensure that the annual investment of more than 500 million yuan to introduce 4 to 5 aluminum projects, striving to form a gradient development pattern. At the same time, we will strengthen cooperation between government, bank and enterprise, try every means to help high-quality enterprises solve problems such as capacity expansion and liquidity shortage through government guarantee, fund introduction, delivery warehouse construction, equipment financial leasing and supply chain finance, and strive to achieve the goal of 40 enterprises above the regulation and over 10 enterprises with annual output value of more than 1 billion yuan by 2025. The competitiveness and influence of aluminum base enterprises in concentrated areas will be further enhanced.
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