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The aluminum project of Jiangsu Yuefeng Profile Company was put into operation smoothly

May 29, 2023
Wind blowing willow, drizzle, in this hot red May, Jiangsu company again project put into operation good news.
Under the care and guidance of the Group company and the territorial government, on the morning of May 28, 2023, the aluminum project of Jiangsu Yuefeng Profile Company successfully realized full production, further improving the strategic layout of the aluminum industry of Yuefeng New Material, and adding strong impetus for the high-quality transformation and development of the Group company.
The aluminum project of Jiangsu Company is an important carrier for Yuefeng New Material to implement the "14th Five-Year Plan" development plan and expand the construction of aluminum market around Bohai Sea. Since the construction started in September 2022, the Group company and the local government have visited the project site for many times for investigation and guidance. According to the principle of "building new lines from old factories", Optimized the project construction general drawing, civil construction, plant layout, equipment debugging, etc., organized Jiangsu company, construction unit, installation unit and supervision unit to hold project construction coordination meetings for many times, which effectively promoted the project construction progress.
During the construction of the project, the professional departments and sister companies of the group devote their efforts to guide and help, and send relevant professionals to Jiangsu company for on-site help. Adhering to the spirit quality of bearing hardships and overcoming difficulties, we carry forward the enthusiasm of riding the momentum and pushing forward, and work overtime together with Jiangsu Yuefeng Profile Company, race against time and work fast. Jointly assisted in promoting the application of warrant, bidding, civil construction, equipment installation and trial production, which effectively guaranteed the smooth operation of the project.
Jiangsu Yuefeng Profile Company in accordance with the idea of "market first, personnel first, mold first, system first", in advance to grasp the aluminum market promotion, reasonable planning logistics order adjustment, strengthen the internal post "aluminum plastic integration", carry out aluminum system and related knowledge and ERP system training, has sent three groups of students to Yuefeng Songji, Yingde company training, at the same time, Organize the heads of aluminum branch plants, production quality, safety and environmental protection and other professional departments to study aluminum project construction experience, production organization, safety management and other professional knowledge in the company of Britain, Germany and Chengdu, and provide strong personnel guarantee and technical support for the smooth operation of the project.
Xiongguan road is really like iron, and now step from the beginning. Create new achievements and write a new chapter on the new road, make new and greater contributions to the high-quality transformation and development of Xincai Stock Company and the group's creation of a world enterprise, and further promote the development of local economy!
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