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Yuefeng Aluminum helps the C919 domestic large aircraft pursue its dream and blue sky

May 30, 2023
China Eastern Airlines Flight MU9191 arrived at Beijing Capital International Airport at 12:31 am on May 28, marking the world's first commercial passenger flight of the C919, a large passenger jet made in China, marking the completion of the C919's "research and development, manufacturing, evidence collection and operation". Yuefeng Aluminum, as the only Chinese company that also supplies aviation materials to Boeing, Airbus and China Commercial Aircraft, is also attracting attention because of the C919's first commercial passenger flight. Yuefeng Aluminum participated in the development of some products of the C919 project and became one of its suppliers. The company's aviation plate business will be further expanded with the expansion of the market scale of the domestic large aircraft.
The manufacture of large passenger aircraft is known as "the pearl in the industrial crown" because of its complex and cutting-edge technology. It is an interdisciplinary, cross-industry and cross-region complex system engineering. Since March 2017, Yuefeng Aluminum has been involved in the research and development of domestic large aircraft C919. At present, Yuefeng Aluminum has passed the certification of thick plate and sheet products of 2 series and 7 series alloy models, and has started to supply in bulk. The products are mainly used in fuselage frame, bulkhead, wing panel, wing SPAR and wing ribs. The 7 series aluminum alloy thick plate has been used in the production of C919, ARJ21 and other models. At present, Yuefeng Aluminum also participates in the research and development of some C929 products.
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