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The world's first MW high temperature superconducting induction heating device was put into operation in Yuefeng

April 23, 2023
On April 20, Yue Feng held the world's first MW high temperature superconducting induction heating device production ceremony at the production site of Terai Company.
Yuefeng has always focused on the problem of "bottleneck" in hot processing of high-end metal materials in China, bravely entered the blank area of high-tech industry in superconducting hot processing, initiated projects of high temperature superconducting magnets and induction heating, implemented key core technology breakthroughs, created new driving force for the improvement of industrial level, and successfully filled the international blank in the application of high-end aluminum superconducting hot processing industry. It will provide a technical path for our country to realize the double carbon goal faster.
Over the past 31 years, Yuefeng has made outstanding contributions to the national economic construction, the development of national defense and military industry and the aerospace industry. The world's first MW high temperature superconducting induction heating device has been completed and put into operation, marking a major breakthrough in Chinese superconducting thermal processing technology in the world and a subversive alternative application in metal thermal processing industry. It will also provide strong support for China to promote carbon peak and carbon neutralization in a scientific and orderly way. In the future, Yuefeng will continue to establish the overall image of "a major country" and "a cornerstone of a powerful country" in the whole industry and the whole society, provide Yuefeng services and make Yuefeng contributions to the construction of an enterprise community of destiny, a community of interests and a community of development, and let the banner of Yuefeng fly high and beautiful in the circle of friends of aluminum processing industry forever!
It is understood that the superconducting equipment technology has reached the international leading level. It is the world's first megawatt high temperature superconducting induction heating device independently developed by China. It adopts the technology of separating transmission torque matching of main and auxiliary motors to realize the rapid and efficient heating of large size metal workpiece (diameter greater than 300MM). It effectively solves the torque overshooting problem of large metal workpiece when it is heated by rotating in DC magnetic field, which has significant advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and quality improvement. In the past one year of trial operation, the equipment has played an outstanding role in effectively improving the heating efficiency, heating speed and temperature uniformity of aluminum. The electricity consumption per unit is reduced by 53% compared with that of the previous year. Only 1/54 of the original heating time can be used to heat aluminum to the required temperature, and the temperature difference can be accurately controlled within the range of 5°-8°. It plays an important role in ensuring the stability of Yuefeng's product performance, improving production efficiency and reducing energy consumption. It accelerates Yuefeng's stride towards high-end, intelligent and green aluminum processing enterprises, and is of great significance in improving Yuefeng's production mode, accelerating the intelligent evolution and promoting the construction of "green Yuefeng" to achieve high-quality development. The full verification of the stability and reliability of the application of the core technologies and systems of superconducting magnets, rotary heating, cryogenic refrigeration and other devices in the metal heat treatment industry marks that the Chinese superconducting hot processing technology has taken the lead in achieving a major breakthrough in the world, and achieved alternative applications in the metal hot processing industry.
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