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Yuefeng Group Chairman Wang Hui: To promote the province's economic and social high-quality development to make new and greater contributions

April 23, 2023
On the morning of April 20, Shandong Province's high-quality private economy development work Conference was held in Jinan. We will accelerate the high-quality development of Shandong's private economy.
Since the beginning of this year, Yuefeng Group in accordance with the deployment of the provincial accelerated industrial economy high quality development conference, seize opportunities, overcome difficulties, better completed the target. A number of new projects such as Yuefeng Lightweight Base Foam Aluminum project and Huimin large-scale integrated die casting project are making steady progress. Consciously follow the path of high-quality development, and strive to make the enterprise stronger and better. We will focus on the following aspects:
Based on Shandong force, promote high-quality development of enterprises. In addition to Binzhou and Weihai, Yuefeng Group has established new production bases in Qingdao, Linyi and Dezhou through holding and equity participation. In the future, we will take these cities as our strength points, plan and layout new energy lightweight industrial bases, continue to build industrial clusters with aluminum application as the core, and drive the industry to extend to the high end of the value chain.
We will increase investment in research and development and enhance enterprises' capacity for scientific and technological innovation. We will continue to increase investment in scientific and technological research and development, deepen industry-university-research and application cooperation, intensify research and development efforts in new material application, new product development, energy conservation and emission reduction, circular economy, and continue to optimize the energy use structure, industrial structure, product structure and personnel structure, and strive to achieve greater breakthroughs in various fields.
Play a leading role, shoulder the responsibility to return to society. Drinking water, thinking of the source, unswervingly feel the Party's kindness, listen to the party, follow the party, patriotism and dedication, law-abiding business, entrepreneurship and innovation, return to the society model. Give full play to the leading role of "chain master" enterprises in the industrial chain, attract the coordinated development of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, and promote more projects to be launched in Shandong. We should integrate the development goals of enterprises with the development of the country and the needs of the people, and make greater contribution to economic and social development. We will give full play to the platform role of Shiping Public Welfare Foundation to support the development of science, technology, education and other public welfare undertakings, so as to be rich and responsible, rich and righteous, rich and loving.
The provincial Party Committee and government firmly support the high-quality development of the private economy, and continue to create the optimal policy environment, legal environment, government environment, financial environment and cultural environment, which makes the majority of private enterprises more confident, more determined and more powerful on the road of high-quality development. We will earnestly implement the spirit of this conference, give full play to the advantages of technology, talent and industry, bravely undertake the mission, accelerate development, and make new and greater contribution to promoting the high-quality economic and social development of the province.
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