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There is an "acceleration"​ in the resumption of work and production in China's aluminum industry

April 1, 2020

Abstract: during the epidemic period, China's aluminum industry in production and construction projects, from pressing the production and construction "suspension key" to go all out to fight the epidemic, to continue to improve the situation of prevention and control of enterprises to resume work and production one after another, is now running out of the "acceleration" of industry production and construction to ensure that the annual target is met on schedule.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, strict prevention and control measures across the country have led to the temporary closure of most domestic factories after the Spring Festival holiday, especially aluminum processing enterprises, with the exception of some enterprises that produce disposable aluminum foil lunch boxes, almost all of them have temporarily suspended production. However, in March, with the continuous improvement of the domestic epidemic prevention and control situation, key industries and leading enterprises, including foreign-funded enterprises, have resumed work and production one after another. In particular, since mid-March, governments at all levels have paid close attention to the work of resuming work and production. 72% of the migrant workers who left first-and second-tier cities two weeks before the Spring Festival have returned to work before March 10. Hubei, the region with the worst epidemic in China, also issued a notice on March 11 that enterprises will resume work and production in an orderly manner by division, classification, classification, and time-sharing. Japanese carmaker Honda said on March 11 that some workers at its Wuhan plant had returned to work and began to resume production of a small number of cars while conducting a comprehensive inspection of its production equipment. According to the directive spirit of not slackening efforts in the prevention and control of the current epidemic and grasping both hands on the resumption of work and production, around April 5, China's aluminum industry production will fully return to the normal level. During the epidemic period, China's aluminum industry in production and construction projects, from pressing the production and construction "suspension key" to go all out to fight the epidemic, to continue to improve the situation of enterprises to resume work and production one after another, is now running out of the "acceleration" of industry production and construction to ensure that the annual target is met on schedule.

Enterprises in production are busy returning to work and production.

Strive to reach the production standard as soon as possible

After taking the prescribed holidays, the large aluminum enterprises and state-owned enterprises in production all grasp the prevention and control of the epidemic on the one hand, act in strict accordance with the relevant regulations, resume work and production on the other, do their utmost to overcome all difficulties, and strive to reach the standard and reach production as soon as possible. The aluminum processing and deep processing plants above the scale that Chinalco belongs to have resumed work and production on schedule, such as Northeast Light Alloy Co., Ltd., Southwest Aluminum (Group) Co., Ltd., Northwest Aluminum processing Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Yuefeng Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd., etc. Hundreds of enterprises in the industry have returned to work and production one after another, rolling up their sleeves and wearing masks to work hard.

On January 6 this year, the Cosco Shipping Company "Qushanhai" ship loaded with 55000 tons of bauxite set out from the Port of Conakry (Conkry) in Guinea and crossed the three oceans for 49 days. It was successfully moored at berth No. 16 of the third Company of Rizhao Port at 9: 00 a.m. on March 25. This is the first bauxite mine of Chinalco Guinean Bofa (Bofa). It is the result of sincere cooperation among Chinalco, COSCO Shipping Company and Rizhao Port. It is of great significance in the history of Chinalco's development of Guinean bauxite. At present, about 10 Chinese companies are in talks with the Guinean government on bauxite mining, but only two have officially mined and shipped the ore back to the country, namely Shandong Weiqiao and Chinalco.

According to public reports, Other large enterprises and many small and medium-sized enterprises such as Shandong Nanshan Aluminum Co., Ltd., Weiqiao Aluminum Power Co., Ltd., Zhongwang Aluminum Group, Huajian Aluminum Co., Ltd., Midas Aluminum Co., Ltd., Yanzhou Mining Light Alloy Co., Ltd., Yuefeng Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd., Nannan Aluminum processing Co., Ltd., Yinhai Aluminum Co., Ltd., Yunnan Aluminum Co., Ltd., Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd., Xingfa Aluminum Co., Ltd., Thousands of enterprises, including Guangya Aluminum Co., Ltd., have also resumed some or all of their work and production.

It should be specially mentioned here that when returning to work and production, all the staff of Jiangsu Yuefeng Aluminum processing Co., Ltd. comprehensively and conscientiously implemented General Secretary Xi Jinping's instructions during his inspection, did a good job in resuming production, and strived to build the world's top aluminum processing enterprises. Yuefeng Aluminum processing Co., Ltd. is an aluminum processing enterprise inspected by General Secretary Xi Jinping twice. It is not only the glory of Yuefeng Aluminum processing Co., Ltd., but also the glory of aluminum industry.

The project under construction is being rebuilt.

Strive for early completion and commissioning.

As of March 15, most of the major projects in the aluminum industry under construction have been resumed to varying degrees, some have been fully resumed and are in full swing, while others have made preparations or partially resumed work before the full resumption of work, and all of them have entered the state of resumption in the last ten days.

All alumina projects have resumed work with a production capacity of 4.4 million tons per year.

Guangxi Huacheng alumina project with an annual output of 2 million tons is vigorously promoted and is expected to be put into production by the end of June. The alumina project of Guangxi Huadong New Materials Co., Ltd. is a large-scale project under construction in China. The construction staff of the construction unit basically returned to work at the beginning of March. In view of the shortage of a small number of people who are really unable to return to work, they adopted the method of recruiting workers nearby and started construction one after another. On the one hand, they prevented and controlled the epidemic in a strict and orderly manner, on the other hand, they rolled up their sleeves and worked hard, and took more measures to recover and make up for the losses caused by the epidemic. We will strive to fully complete and put into production by the end of June this year as planned.

Its Asia Aluminium Group Carey 600000 ton alumina project. The 600000 ton / year alumina project of Sichuan Ya Aluminum Group in Kaili, Qiandongnan Prefecture, Guizhou Province is stepping up the resumption of construction. This project is a key project to help Qiandongnan win a decisive victory out of poverty and achieve a comprehensive well-off society in an all-round way, so the speed of reconstruction is faster. All sides are giving strong support.

The 1.2 million-ton alumina project of Guangxi BaiMine can be put into production in June. The 1.2 million t / an alumina project of Baikuang Group is located in Mazhaotun, Xinhe Village, Longhe Town, Napo County, Baise City. Bayer method is used to extract alumina. The plant area is 326sq km, and the red mud yard covers an area of 665sq km. The estimated total investment is RMB3 billion. It can be completed and put into production in June this year. After reaching production, the project will provide about 600 jobs, an annual increase in tax revenue of about RMB300 million and a profit of about RMB500 million.

Hebi 2000 ton high purity alumina project. On April 19th, 2019, the high purity alumina project with a total investment of 3 billion yuan and an annual output of 2000 tons was built in Baoshan Circular economy Industrial Park, Hebi City, Henan Province. Invested by Henan Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and provided by Yangzhou Zhongtianli New Materials Co., Ltd., a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province, the construction is divided into two phases: the first phase is to build 2000 tons of high purity alumina; the second phase is to build functional ceramic substrate, aerogel and other industrial chains. The product is intended to adopt the domestic first large-scale decomposition and synthesis technology of high-purity ultra-fine Al2O3 powder, which has the advantages of large-scale, low cost and high quality. the products are widely used in aerospace, national defense, military industry, electronic devices and other high-tech fields.

Guangxi Huayin alumina upgrading project resumes work. The upgrading of alumina is under way in Guangxi Huayin Aluminum Co., Ltd. After completion, the intermediate cooling effect will be significantly improved, the decomposition time will be extended from the current 44 hours to 50 hours, the decomposition rate will increase from 48% to 51%, and the output of 51% Al _ 2O _ 3 will increase by 33000 tons, and various consumption indicators will significantly decrease, reaching the advanced level of the industry.

Seven aluminum processing projects were resumed, and the project restoration rate reached 100%.

As of March 15, 2020, seven large-scale aluminum processing projects have been postponed due to the epidemic, and have been fully or partially resumed, with a recovery rate of 100%.

Changge City, Henan Province is the largest recycled aluminum industrial base in China. The newly-built Longsheng New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. uses waste aluminum as the main raw material to produce high-end aluminum strip with a production capacity of 80,000 tons per year. The opening ceremony was held in Changge Industrial New City on March 21, 2019. After the Spring Festival holiday, he was unable to return to work because of the epidemic. Work has been fully resumed and construction is being stepped up to snatch back the lost time to ensure that it is completed and put into production on schedule.

Zhongfu Guangyuan 250000 tons / year green aluminum project to resume work and commissioning. Zhongfu Industrial Co., Ltd. started construction in Sichuan Guangyuan Economic Development Zone on March 27, 2019, and originally planned to be completed and put into production in late 2019. Now the restoration work is being rolled out in an all-round way, and some of the equipment is about to be hot-tested.

Inner Mongolia Darat Economic Development Zone is building 720000 tons / year aluminum plate and strip projects and 1500 × 104m2 corrosion into foil projects, and has completed the electric power assembly 418kW, 1 million tons of alumina, 42000 tons of high purity aluminum, 180000 tons of plate and strip projects.

The southeast coastal aluminum intensive processing base of Chinalco is located in Fujian-Taiwan (Fuzhou) Blue Economic Industrial Park, Fuzhou New area. Since March, a number of intensive processing projects have been launched in an all-round way, resuming production and resuming construction. The base covers an area of 1330 square kilometers, with a total investment of 10 billion yuan, implemented in stages, phase one and phase two have been put into production, and are now busy resuming work and production. The first phase and the third stage is a project under construction, with an investment of about 1.5 billion yuan and a land area of 9000 square meters to build a melting and casting and 2400mm hot continuous rolling production line and its auxiliary facilities, with 400000 tons of hot rolled strip per year, which was originally planned to be put into production in 2021. The first phase of the four-phase project is still under planning.

Four projects of Southwest Aluminum (Group) Co., Ltd. have resumed work successively. In June 2019, SWA announced the construction of four projects one after another: new 2800mm cold rolling mill and its supporting project, aluminum-lithium alloy melting and casting unit and its supporting project, aircraft sheet and ABS production line, and thick plate production project, with a total investment of 1.08 billion yuan. After the completion of the project, it will significantly enhance the supply capacity of high-end aluminum strip of Southwest Aluminum, and at the same time inject new vigor and vitality into the local economic development.

Baowu Aluminum Co., Ltd., formerly known as Henan Tongren Aluminum Co., Ltd., located in Sanmenxia City, changed its name after Baowu Iron and Steel Company bought a stake of 51% in February 2019. It is the largest brand-new aluminum strip plant under construction in China, with a production capacity of 600000 tons per year. The leading products are ABS and other high-end flat-rolled aluminum products, which will be put into production in 2021. All leading equipment are imported in complete sets from well-known foreign companies.

There are 8 large aluminum extrusion projects under resumption of construction, with a total production capacity of 380000 tons per year.

In order to improve economic efficiency and meet the market demand for high-end extruded aluminum, Guangdong Xingfa Aluminum Co., Ltd. set up a new wholly-owned subsidiary called Guangdong Xingfa Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in 2018, its new materials and precision manufacturing project held the groundbreaking ceremony in Sanshui Leping Industrial Park on January 14, 2019, and resumed construction in early March 2020. The project has a total investment of 1.2 billion yuan and covers an area of about 160square kilometers. the main equipment: 1 90MN extruder, 1 50MN extruder, 4 imported automatic extrusion lines, 3 vertical spraying lines, 4 broken bridge production lines, 1 auto parts sample line, 1 electronic parts line. The production capacity of high-end industrial and construction extruded materials is 150000 tons / year, and that of high-precision and deep-processed spare parts is 30, 000 tons / year.

Guizhou Jiuheng Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Shuicheng Economic Development Zone, which started construction in August 2019. Nanchang Jiadihao Aluminum Co., Ltd. invested RMB1.3 billion. Construction-structure extruded materials and industrial profiles have a production capacity of 30, 000 tons per year, with 4 extrusion production lines. The annual sales income is about RMB1 billion, providing 200 jobs.

Three aluminum extrusion projects in Qixian County have resumed work one after another. Three aluminum extrusion projects in Kaifeng have been resumed: the 300 square kilometer profile door and window project of Shiyuan Aluminum Co., Ltd., the 50,000 t / an aluminum profile project of Mingsheng Aluminum Co., Ltd., and the 20,000 t / an industrial aluminum recycling bar project of Shiqi Aluminum Co., Ltd.

Shandong Jiazhuang Fels Aluminum Co., Ltd. resumed work in early March with a total investment of RMB120 million. The main products are: aluminum veneer, aluminum square plate, honeycomb plate, broken bridge aluminum profile processing and sales. After it is put into production, the annual sales income will reach RMB50 million, tax revenue will reach RMB4 million, and 140 jobs will be provided.

Chunya Aluminum Co., Ltd., Yanling County, Hunan Province, settled in the west park of Kowloon Industrial Park. It was originally planned to be put into production by the end of December 2019. For some reason, it has been delayed a little, but now it has resumed work to make up for the time lost due to the epidemic. The project focuses on high-end aluminum profiles, with a production capacity of 50, 000 tons / year and an investment of RMB500 million. after it is put into production, the sales income can reach RMB1 billion, and about 200 people will be employed.

Full resumption of aluminum products warehousing and trading center project.

The China-ASEAN (Baise) Aluminum products warehousing and Trading Center project with a total investment of 500 million yuan was held on December 28, 2019 in Baipo Village, Bingtang Town, Tianyang County, Guangxi Province. it is composed of standard warehousing area, aluminum ingot futures delivery area, aluminum trading area, logistics and distribution area, Internet trading exhibition area, product financial service center, inspection center and supporting service area. The first phase currently under construction, with a total investment of 310 million yuan, will build two functional areas, including an open yard and a storage area, which are expected to be completed and put into operation in late December 2020.

High performance Aluminum Alloy Project of Chinalco Guangxi Chongzuo dilute Scandium New material Technology Co., Ltd.

This project is a high performance aluminum alloy material preparation industrialization project, which is located in the new material industrial park of Chongzuo Industrial Zone. The planning and construction contents: high thermal conductivity die casting aluminum alloy ingots, high strength and high toughness aluminum alloy round ingots, aluminum-magnesium alloy ingots, etc., with a total investment of 20 million yuan. The production capacity formed after the completion of the project: high thermal conductivity die casting aluminum alloy 3000 tons / year, high strength and high toughness aluminum alloy 3000 tons / year, aluminum alloy 1000 tons / year, Aluminum-magnesium alloy wire 3000 tons / year. The company was established in April 2018 and is controlled by Guangxi scandium New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Chinalco Guangxi Nonferrous rare Earth Development Co., Ltd., and Chinalco Guangxi Guosheng rare Earth Development Co., Ltd.