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Wang Kaifeng, chairman of Yuefeng Aluminum, attended the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Conference

April 7, 2024
On March 28-29, the seventh meeting of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association was held in Beijing. At the meeting, Yuefeng Aluminum was awarded AAA enterprise grade credit certificate and grade evaluation plaque, which is not only the recognition of the company's integrity management and steady development over the years, but also the expectation and motivation for the company's future development.
At the entrepreneur forum held on the afternoon of the conference, Wang Kaifeng made a wonderful report entitled "Opening up the development pattern of aluminum, cooperating with the vigorous development of aluminum industry chain", and exchanged and shared the growth experience of Yuefeng Aluminum industry with industry experts and enterprise executives, and talked about the new future of aluminum processing industry.
He said that Yuefeng Aluminum adheres to the development strategy of "innovation-driven, manufacturing and deep processing", and its products cover dozens of fields such as aerospace, automobiles, ships, high-speed trains, containers, and food packaging, which is a complete aluminum industry chain in the same region of the world. Focusing on the development ideas of "consolidating the basis of advantageous products, adhering to industrial supply, and adhering to the green development of industrial development", the company focuses on the localization of automotive lightweight and aviation materials, focusing on the key issues of automotive lightweight aluminum production and application, high-strength corrosion resistant aviation aluminum alloy process and other industries, and improving the company's comprehensive competitiveness in the field of aluminum alloy. As a national ASI aluminum industry chain certification enterprise, Yuefeng Aluminum innovates the implementation of green low-carbon production and operation mode, and actively builds a green sustainable production system with the comprehensive energy saving system of aluminum electrolyzer, the comprehensive utilization project of recycled aluminum protection, and the demonstration line for the production and application of recycled aerospace aluminum sheet, so as to truly realize the high-quality and sustainable development of enterprises.
In terms of foreign cooperation, Yuefeng Aluminum adheres to the "domestic double cycle" strategic layout, deeply cultivates the domestic market, maintains a competitive advantage, expands foreign markets, and continuously enhances the company's influence in the market; Strengthen strategic joint venture cooperation, deepen bundled development with cooperative enterprises, cultivate new driving forces for high-quality development, and shape new advantages for enterprise development. Build Bintan Yuefeng Industrial Park in Indonesia, and continue to carry out long-term project planning, while introducing other enterprises from upstream and downstream of the industry chain to settle in, to achieve resource sharing, mutual benefit and win-win.
After the report, Wang Kaifeng looked forward to the development prospects of the aluminum processing industry and put forward suggestions. He pointed out that in the future, the aluminum industry will still face difficulties and challenges such as serious industrial homogeneity, market competition intensified by overcapacity, slow growth or growth fluctuations in future consumption, and trade barriers to restrict the export of enterprises. It is suggested to seek continued growth from innovation, and to promote the sustained, stable and healthy development of the industry through four aspects: development, green structure, supply and intelligent operation.
The holding of this conference provides an important platform for exchanges and cooperation in the aluminum processing industry. In the future, Yuefeng Aluminum will continue to work hard, with a more open attitude, and work together with industry colleagues to contribute to the high-quality development of aluminum processing industry.