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Qianxinan Prefecture relies on the advantages of coal power to promote the agglomeration and development of aluminum and aluminum processing industry

April 7, 2024
The existing reserves of coal resources in Qianxinan Prefecture are 9.083 billion tons and the prospective reserves are 20.666 billion tons, ranking the third in the province. The total installed power capacity at present is 15.905 million kW, of which 4.62 million kW is thermal power, 6.76 million kW is hydropower, and 4.525 million kW is new energy power.
In 2023, Guizhou Luxing Carbon New Materials Co., Ltd. completed the anode carbon output of 480,700 tons, 80,700 tons more than the design capacity of 450,000 tons, completed the sales volume of 580,000 tons of anode carbon, and achieved sales revenue of 2.73 billion yuan; Guizhou Xingren Denggao New Materials Co., Ltd. produced a total of about 450,000 tons of electrolytic aluminum liquid, creating an output value of more than 7.1 billion yuan, an increase of 29%; Guizhou Longkai Technology Co., Ltd. produces more than 600,000 kinds of wheels, and achieves an output value of 170 million yuan.
This set of exciting data shows that in the past year, the development of aluminum and aluminum processing upstream and downstream industries in my state has shown steady progress, improved structure, improved quality and efficiency, and enhanced vitality. Coal, power grid, anode carbon, electrolytic aluminum, and aluminum wheels seem to have no origin, but are closely related. The conversion of coal into electricity - which is incorporated into the local power grid and transmitted to industrial parks - attracts upstream and downstream enterprises centered on aluminum to continuously gather - and eventually form a multi-billion industrial cluster.
Coal is the first link in this industrial cluster line.
Qianxinan Prefecture is rich in coal and power resources, and is an important part of Yungui Coal base, one of the 13 large-scale coal bases planned by the state. By the end of 2023, 84 coal mines had been merged, restructured and retained, with a production and construction scale of 43.65 million tons; The power supply in the state has two main bodies, the Southern power grid and the local power grid, and the 220 kV lines of the local power grid have covered the main industrial parks in the state, realizing the interconnection between the Southern power grid and the local power grid.
In recent years, my state has transformed its resource advantage into a development advantage, adhered to the principle of "enriching and fine opening", promoted the transformation and upgrading of coal mining enterprises by grasping the leading coal industry, realized the local transformation and value-added of coal, and built a whole-chain energy industry pattern of "coal as the basis, electricity as the carrier, network as the core, and production as the terminal". Drive downstream thermal power, power grid, aluminum and aluminum processing industry development.
Coal and power grid are the important foundation of Qianxinan Prefecture's industrial development, and are the most prominent comparative advantages.
Thanks to the advantages of local power grid electricity prices, Xingrendeng high electric electrolyzing aluminum, Guizhou Yuanhao Aluminum, Guizhou Luxing Carbon, Guizhou Longkai, Zhenhua New materials and other major industrial projects with high technical content, good growth and strong driving force have settled in southwest Guizhou, laying a solid foundation for the development of new industrialization in the whole state.
Anode carbon, as the core material for the production of electrolytic aluminum, is also the upstream industry of the whole industrial chain of the electrolytic aluminum integration project. In March, walking into Guizhou Luxing Carbon New Materials Co., LTD., located in the Basing Industrial Park of Xingren City, the production workshop was busy, and the workers were straining to make orders at each production site.
The production of anode carbon project in Hinggren City's Baling Heavy Industry Park depends on the local market potential and cost advantages. For Xingren City and even Qianxinan Prefecture, anode carbon project is a key step to realize the integration of coal, electricity and aluminum, and the construction of "coal power grid aluminum +" circular economy industrial cluster, and it is also a new way to accelerate high-quality development.
"There are about 10 million tons of electrolytic aluminum market in Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi, and 5 million tons of carbon materials are needed every year, which is a huge market potential for the company." Chen Wenhua, minister of the Administration department of Luxing Carbon New Materials Co., LTD., said that in 2024, the company has received 770,000 tons of orders, heavy production tasks, the company will improve production and quality through technology research and development and other measures to ensure the completion of the annual target task.
Guizhou Xingren Denggao New Materials Co., LTD. Map/State Investment Promotion Bureau
In the electrolytic aluminum production workshop of Xingren Denggao New Materials Co., LTD., a silver electrolytic cell is methodically electrolyzing alumina to generate aluminum liquid, and the truck shuttles back and forth, pouring a furnace of red aluminum liquid into the mixing furnace, processing into aluminum products, providing a steady stream of raw materials for the downstream production of automobile wheels and other products.
With the anode carbon supply support produced by upstream Luxing Carbon Company, electrolytic aluminum has production guarantee for Xingren Denggao New Materials Company and Guizhou Yuanhao Aluminum Co., LTD.
Denggao New Materials Company has always been adhering to the safety of production as the first priority, through continuous optimization of various production indicators, to carry out energy saving and consumption reduction, to achieve open source and throttle.
In 2023, Denggao Company also focuses on the research and development of fully graphitized cathode carbon block, intelligent shell breaking technology, flue gas waste heat utilization and other projects, and strives to create efficiency from energy saving and consumption reduction. With the advantages of coal power location and excellent quality, the company has maintained long-term cooperation with the Southern Power Grid and local power grids in terms of electricity consumption, and the electricity consumption of the company in 2023 has increased by about 40% compared with previous years.
"Relying on a stable local power grid and low-cost power supply, investment and business in Qianxinan has a very prominent comparative advantage." Denggao new material Co., LTD. General manager Chen Song said.
Similarly, in the casting workshop of Guizhou Yuanhao Aluminum Co., LTD., workers are producing finished aluminum ingots according to the process of advancing aluminum, releasing water, adjusting flow, and slagging in front of the machine, and then stacking aluminum ingots, measuring and packing, and forklift truck storage.
"We currently have two production lines, one for production and one for backup, with more than 30 employees and a capacity of about 230 tons per day." Guizhou Yuanhao Aluminum Co., Ltd. casting workshop director Zeng Zhihai said.
With a total investment of about 2.8 billion yuan, Guizhou Yuanhao Aluminum Co., LTD., as an aluminum product manufacturing enterprise in Xingyi City, was officially put into operation in March 2023, and the company achieved an industrial output value of 1.25 billion yuan in 2023. This year, Yuanhao Aluminum in accordance with the target, grasp the project, catch up with the progress, ensure the production of work ideas, seize the opportunity to produce products, and strive to achieve the annual output of 86,500 tons, industrial output value of 1.6 billion yuan.
As the downstream industry of the whole industrial chain of electrolytic aluminum integration project, Guizhou Longkai Technology Co., Ltd. produces products in the hot market, a steady stream of orders rely on the production of high-quality products, and the production line is full capacity production throughout the year.
Guizhou Longkai Technology Co., Ltd. is a deep processing enterprise engaged in automotive wheels, aerospace high-precision aluminum castings, aluminum profiles, aluminum home and aluminum outdoor products. Since the project landing in Xingren in 2020, the company has worked hard in "high-precision" and continued to improve product competitiveness. At present, the company has an annual output of 1.5 million wheel hubs, and its products are sold all over the country. Export products are sold to the Americas, Africa, Southeast Asia and other places.
"Save 300 yuan per ton of aluminum water, according to a wheel 10 kg calculation, 1.5 million wheel hub production capacity a year can save 4.5 million yuan cost for enterprises." Lu Dongming, chairman of the company, introduced that since the company moved from Zhejiang to Xingren, relying on the upstream "electrolytic aluminum" project to convert on-site processing liquid aluminum into wheels, greatly reducing production costs.
In 2023, Longkai's new smelting process has improved the utilization rate and process quality level of aluminum water, further reduced the cost of the casting process, and produced more than 600,000 wheels a year, creating an industrial output value of 170 million yuan.
If industry is flourishing, economy is flourishing, and if industry is strong, strength is strong. Relying on the advantages of coal and electricity resources, the state promotes the aluminum and aluminum processing industry to achieve a leap from nothing to existence, from small to large, and achieves 568,500 tons of electrolytic aluminum production capacity through capacity replacement, accounting for 32.15% of the province's total production capacity, ranking first in the province. At the same time, by playing a good combination of "strong chain with chain, short chain supplement chain, upper and lower chain extension", actively introduce aluminum upstream and downstream industrial projects, and promote the development of aluminum deep processing to the five directions of transportation aluminum, aluminum home, aluminum outdoor supplies, military aluminum, and high-precision aluminum. In 2023, the output value of the aluminum industry in the state reached 15.12 billion yuan, a growth rate of 33.6%, and the growth rate was much higher than that of other industries.